An oral rehydrating solution – O.R.S 

The best prevention and cure for dehydration is taking an oral rehydration solution rehydration powders . The ORS® formula created by Clinova is the result of a study carried out by the University of Oxford based on WHO guidelines and provides the best combination of glucose, electrolytes and essential minerals capable of promoting the absorption of sodium, on which it depends obtaining adequate hydration.

The first phase of rehydration brings the liquids back to their original values and the second phase of maintenance generates the continuous replacement of the fluids and electrolytes lost so that the degree of hydration remains constantly maintained at the highest level over time.

Product features

O.R.S soluble tablets ideal for oral hydration, contain a balanced combination of glucose, essential minerals and electrolytes. O.R.S is indicated for: children, adults and the elderly subject to excessive fluid loss and dehydration, professional and amateur athletes, people traveling in hot and tropical climates, people who work in hot and muggy environments.

Mechanism of action: the O.R.S formula created by Clinova complies with all the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). The effectiveness of O.R.S depends on the sodium-glucose transporter, a protein found in the small intestine and aids in the transport of sodium and glucose across the luminal membrane. Once it reaches the enterocytes, the transport of glucose into the blood is facilitated by the glucose transporter (type 2) in the basolateral membrane.

“O.R.S provides a valid contribution for the optimal control of dehydration at very modest and accessible costs even in developing countries hydration powder. For this reason, this therapeutic practice has been considered by some to be the most important achievement of the recently concluded century.”


Key concept: the balanced formula of O.R.S components (glucose, electrolytes and mineral salts) generates an osmolar balance between cells and increases the absorption of sodium, a key factor for good hydration.

Some studies have shown that drinking a glass of water (200 ml) dissolving 2 tablets of O.R.S is equivalent to drinking 5 glasses of water. A simple saline supplement restores the lost salts to the body while O.R.S restores hydration to its original level and keeps it constant.

How to use

How to use and correct storage: for correct preparation, dissolve 2 tablets in 200 ml of drinking water until completely dissolved (mix if necessary).

Adults and children from 6 years onwards: drink 200ml (2 tablets) of solution as needed to maintain adequate hydration. Store in the original package at a temperature below 25 degrees and protect from heat and moisture.

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