An Overview of Vacuum Cleaners Price: Getting Value for Money

Anyone asking about the vacuum cleaner price wishes to get value for money spent on buying the item. A vacuum cleaner comes in handy when cleaning floors, some surfaces, interior of vehicles and some personal equipment. The device comes in different sizes, shapes and models. Selecting the right cleaner without breaking ones pocket requires time. Here are unbiased facts about vacuum cleaners and prices that can be very beneficial while planning to have one.

Factors thatdetermine the vacuum cleaner price

The price rangeof a typical cleaner is between 120 and 3,500 US dollars. Here are the basic factors that directly determine the price of a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Numbers of motors – dual motor cleaners are more expensive than single motor cleaners. One motor provides power for vacuum suction while the other motor powers the brush.
  2. Size of motor- powerful motors have higher horse power and are more efficient. Vacuum cleaners with larger and powerful motors are cost more.
  3. Source of power – battery powered vacuum cleaners are more expensive that electric-corded ones. 
  4. Filtration system – the price for cleaners with multiple cleaners is relatively high. 
  5. Cleaning tools available – extra cleaning tools enables cleaning of varied surfaces. 
  6. Material used to make the body – vacuum cleaners price is high for if the body is made of steel.
  7. Size of cleaning path – the wider the path the higher the cost

Every type of a vacuum cleaner has its own features which determine the price. Apart from that, the brand or manufacturer prices may vary for the same features. The list below shows various types of commercial vacuum cleaners with their respective price range.

  1. Handheld duster cost: between $120 and $350
  2. Canister vacuum cost: between $ 300 and $ 1900
  3. Upright vacuum cost: between $ 150 and $3300
  4. Backpack vacuum cost: between $ 350 and $1800
  5. Wet and dry cleaner cost: between $ 200 and $ 1400

After looking at the above vacuum cleaner price range, what follows is to know the some details about functionality and features. Next is an overview about each of the listed type.

  • Handheld duster

This is the smallest in size among available vacuum cleaners. They are ideal in cleaning small areas that are hard to reach. They are also the cheapest compared to others.

  • Canister vacuum

Canister vacuums can be used to clean many surfaces due to large filter bags and presence of special attachments. A suitable attachment is fitted to clean the desired surface. The price of a given model is determined by the size and type of filter bag. The price starts from as low as $300, and can cost up to $1900.

  • Upright Vacuum

This cleaner has capabilities of cleaning small to wide surfaces. The filter bag also comes in different sizes. The price range is wide; the actual price corresponds with the surface area that can be covered in a single pass.

  • Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuums are either battery or electric powered. The source of power greatly influences the price of this cleaner. The battery powered option is more efficient and improves productivity by a great margin. This makes the battery powered cleaner more expensive than the corded electric powered cleaner.

  • Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners

This vacuum is designed to pick up dust and even wet soil particles without damaging its vacuum or motor. Therefore it can be used to clean wet surfaces, making it unique from other types of cleaners.

To sum up

While looking at the initial cost used to purchase the item, it is also important to consider other factors like lifetime, warranty, usability and maintenance costs. The vacuum cleaner price will also depend on the brand and the region. For more information, visit


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