Every year there are tens of thousands of thefts in the country. Statistics show that intruders get into the apartment in most cases by breaking the lock or picking the key, another popular method is through windows, windows, and balconies, and often they use the method of breaking the door. The professionalism and wealth of criminals are increasing day by day, and the number of thieves is increasing during holidays and school holidays. This is not a summary of crime news and is not an attempt to intimidate someone. We all know that early warning means armed, so apartment’s most popular methods allow us to create the most effective strategies to protect our homes and improve their safety. Our apartments and houses consider the most effective ways to prevent theft. But looking ahead, we know that a combination of several methods should be used.


The most common way for an intruder to get into an apartment is through the front door. Yes, unbearable doors and locks are cheap. But such a purchase is better than what can happen if you save and buy a fragile door with a standard lock. We immediately note that there are no doors and locks that are 100% protected – ours. The main task is to install such an ajax system, the opening of which the attacker will take the maximum amount of time. Thieves may surrender quickly, risking being caught or red-handed.

Protection of entrance doors consists of two main methods:

Protect the door leaf from open knocks Bulgarian and other barbaric methods of entering the apartment. Choosing a reliable lock that cannot be opened with a master key and other tools


The first thing that will be given to improving the security of the apartment is a secure door. The best option is a door made of steel but in order to break, deform, or difficult cut, you need to pay attention to several parameters:

The greater the thickness of the steel plate the higher the strength for installation in apartment buildings, doors with a sheet thickness of 2-3 mm are suitable, but for country houses, it is better to use more reliable doors with a sheet thickness of 3 mm.

Steel can be both external only. (Internal part made of MDF or other material) or external and internal simultaneously the second option is more expensive. But it’s better in terms of safety. The outer steel plate must be monolithic. The door can also be found additional steel plate between inside and outside – this is ideal from the point of view of anti-burglary.

Door frame

It is made of profile pipes by welding. With fewer pipe sections and fewer welds, the durability of the frame is greater. It is best for it to be made from a long section of pipe with a single seam;

  • The castle area is the weakest point, so it’s better if it’s covered with armor plates or reinforced steel plates.
  • The stiffeners inside the door should be evenly spaced.

Easiest, outer hinge easily cut by intruders, it is better to use the door Anti-theft nut, which, when closed, enters the hole in the wall and resists breaking another option – the inner ring, which cannot be cut.

All steel entrance doors are divided into Security classes 1 to 7. In apartments and homes use the doors of the first four floors. The higher the class, the harder it is to open the door and the more effort it takes.

It is better to install the door so that it opens – it will be difficult to knock it out. It is recommended to strengthen the door frame with square steel or metal pins connected to the ceiling, walls, and floor. Another trick is imitation the alarm which will frighten some thieves it is enough to install the sensor on top of the door and pull the wire from it to the junction box; you do not need to connect anything. The same effect can be achieved by simulating the state of the CCTV.


The door was only half the battle. Even the strongest blade can’t help if the lock can be opened with a simple master key. For those who live in apartment buildings, complicated locks are more important than durable shutters because very few people decide to work as a grinder or a sledgehammer. There is no lock that cannot be opened, so you should choose to open it where the thief will take the maximum amount of time. According to this rule at the front door, it is good to install two locks with different mechanisms. The longer the thief opens the lock, the more likely a person will notice him or he will surrender himself.

Today, such entrance doors are installed Lock type:

Lever locks are considered the most reliable and resistant to burglary. It is better to lock for 6 or more prefer structures that are protected by manganese overlays. It would be difficult to drill holes in the lock and almost impossible to open with a master key. The best version of the level lock is the crab design when the crossbars are extended in different directions. (Into the wall, floor, or ceiling);

Cylinder lock it is cheaper than leverage, and if the key is lost, the cylinder is easily replaced without having to replace the entire lock. The reverse side of the coin is simple for destruction, so it is better to use a padlock with 4-5 crossbars, protect it with armor plates and uses them in combination with level plates.

People’s safety is the primary goal of alarm systems. Additionally, they’re meant to inform others when they’re in need of help. read more how to find out: You can’t go wrong with an alarm system for your home.