Applying Maslow’s Theory To Explain The Need For Casino

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the most groundbreaking theories put forward by Abraham Maslow to explain the different needs of the individuals that must necessarily be met to experience fulfillment in life. In the context of the need hierarchy theory today we will discuss the need for casinos in society in today’s time. It is a known fact that gambling has been existent in society since earlier times. Why is it so important? Why gambling attracts the masses so much even in the present times? The popularity of sports betting websites like  affirms the popularity of gambling games. We will get to know through this article the reason behind such popularity of gambling games. For that first, we need to go through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory to understand the concept in detail. 

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

According to Maslow’s original hierarchy of needs theory human beings go through five stages of needs in chronological order in an attempt to achieve a self-actualization state also known as a state of peak experiences. It must be mentioned that the hierarchy of needs is depicted in the shape of a pyramid by Maslow himself because lower-level needs must be met first for an individual to climb the ladder and aim at achieving higher-level needs. Thus the significance of the shape of the pyramid in representing the diagram. As the pyramid completely collapses if the lower base collapses, similarly if lower-level needs are not satisfied by an individual, then higher-level needs collapse too and cannot be met.

The five levels of need hierarchy 

  •     Physiological needs- This is the first and the lowest level of need hierarchy. This level pertains to the satisfaction of the most essential physiological needs of hunger, thirst, sex, etc. An individual’s physiological sustenance depends on the satisfaction of these needs without which an individual would perish.
  •     Safety and security needs- This stage deals with the satisfaction of the safety and security needs of humans. Human beings need to feel safe and secure, have secure shelter and protection from threats to meet the needs of this stage.
  •     Love and belongingness needs- In this stage, the individual needs to form loving and secure relationships with significant others and must feel that he is loved and accepted by others and belong to a particular group.
  •     Self-esteem needs-  This is the stage in which an individual feels an intense need to be respected by others and gain prestige and a good reputation from society.
  •     Self-actualization needs- This is the final stage in the need hierarchy in which an individual has been able to achieve all his needs and attend to his fullest potential. This is the stage where an individual has become what he had the potential to become. It must be noted that this stage is temporary and individuals move up and down the need hierarchy according to various life circumstances.

Newly added levels in the need hierarchy

Later on, two new levels were added in the hierarchy theory which were-

  •     Cognitive needs- This is the need to learn and explore new things, gain knowledge, show efficiency in works
  •     Aesthetic needs-  This is the need for having beauty and order in the surrounding that is being in an aesthetically beautiful surrounding.

Thus from the classification, it is understandable that in the esteem needs a stage and cognitive needs stage individuals feel a need to learn new skills, execute them properly inappropriate places and get recognition from others based on the achievements and skills they have acquired. Here comes the role of casinos or gambling. Gambling is a game that requires considerable skills and one who achieves the skills and wins gambling games is recognized by fellow gamblers always. Thus, it satisfies the cognitive needs and the self-esteem needs of the individuals, thus increasing its appeal.


Thus we have discussed from various angles the need for casinos in the present times and the reason behind the high appeal of gambling. If one wants to have fun and thrill through gambling games, one can easily do so from the comfort of their homes by visiting websites like  which has unlimited stocks of gambling games. Users will surely be not all disappointed with these.


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