Arshon Technology a Pioneer in Electronic Product Design

Electronic engineering is the fastest-growing engineering field. Therefore, all businesses or industries get benefitted from electronic circuits. Arshon proudly announces itself to be a part of this challenging field. When you search for pioneer companies in electronic product design, you’ll see Arshon Technology at the top. 

Arshon Technology is the leading electronic product design company in North America. Our company is a leading consultancy firm because we select engineers who are aware of the latest technologies. Our team applies the latest innovations to electronic product designs; that’s why we’re successful. 

We don’t only help design and develop electronic product design; we can also create prototypes from your provided ideas. 

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Arshon’s Unique Approach Towards Electronic Product Design

The electronic product design process can range from simple to complex. For example, if a design is simple, only one person can lead the design process without a structured design process. But it’s not the case with complex designs. 

For complex designs, our expert team of engineers follows a systematic approach. Not only this, but they also use intelligently guided computer simulation. Our unique approach towards electronic product design makes us the leading electronic product design firm in North America. 

Off-the-shelf products don’t fulfill the company’s needs. Therefore, our custom design services can help companies fulfill their customer’s needs. In electronic circuit design, we follow three steps, such as:

  1. Logic Design
  2. Schematic Design
  3. Physical Design

Along with our electronic product design services, customers can contact us to get consultancy services and the required guidance during these three stages.

Arshon’s Expertise in Various Areas of Electronic Product Design

Arshon Technology is the most active Electronic Product Design Firm in the USA and Canada. We offer electronic design services to both local and international clients. Our services are cost-effective. Arshon can help you with the following:

  • Custom Electronic Design
  • Researching a New Product Idea
  • Developing Firmware for Special Applications

First of all, we’ll design your idea into a prototype, and then it will be tested. We validate it before it goes to the production stage. Some examples of Arshon’s services in electronic product design are:

  • PCB Design
  • Analog Design
  • Firmware Design
  • GPS System Design

Arshon also has expertise in IoT, PCB Assembly, Test Engineering, Bluetooth Design, and Battery Storage System Design.  

Examples of Notable Projects and Clients Arshon Has Worked With

Arshon has over 15 years of experience in electronic design services. The company has completed more than 500 projects. Moreover, our company has over 250 satisfied customers. Some of our valuable and notable clients are:

  • General Electric
  • AMD
  • NXM
  • Tollos
  • Electro-Meters

These are just a few examples. As mentioned earlier, we have worked with more than 250 customers. Arshon offers electronic design services to startups, small firms, large companies, and inventors. All businesses can contact us to get custom electronic design services. 

Arshon’s Vision and Goals for the Future of the Electronic Product Design Industry

We offer end-to-end electronic product design and manufacturing services to our wide range of customers. For example, our products can be used in high-tech startups and consumer and industrial applications. The thing that sets us apart from others is we fully understand customers’ requirements. After that, our team of engineers design, test, and validate the product design before leading it to production. 

We’re experts in handling complex designs. We offer quick solutions that help companies take their products quickly into the market. Arshon believes in manufacturing environment-friendly products. With Arshon, you’ll get the following:

  • Optimum Solution for the Problem
  • High-Quality Design and Manufacturing Services
  • Completed Projects on Proposed Time and Budget

We believe that our success depends on our customer’s success. Therefore we try to build a long-term partnership with our clients. 

What Does the CEO of Arshon Technology Say About His Company?

Mazi Hosseini is the founder and CEO of Arshon Technology. Being a designer, he’s working on multi-million dollar design and development projects. According to Mazi Hosseini, his team thinks out of the box to get amazing ideas. He also said that we consider all possible options and mitigate risks during the design process. 

We continuously communicate with our customers during the design process. We understand that prototyping and testing take more time than the actual design. Therefore, we ensure that the prototype works best under all conditions. 


Finally, product licensing and certification is another key aspect. So, Arshon works on it from the start of the project. It helps companies to introduce their products to the market on time. For more information visit the website at .


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