Assessing the Best Insurance Options for Your Dog

Over the decades, the way people view pet ownership has drastically evolved. In the old days, the family dog was solely treated as a pet. If lucky, the dog would get a few scraps from the dinner table. Nowadays, the family dog is a pillar of the family structure and irreplaceable. People spend money on special food, toys, outfits, and services like grooming, overnight boarding, and daycare for their pups.

In the past 30 years, overall pet ownership has grown from 53%-68%. One of the biggest contributions to this increase is that young adults have added the element of pet ownership to their young adult lives. Only 32% of baby boomers owner pets, whereas 62% of the younger generation are pet owners.

This growth has opened up the doors for more pet-focused consumer products and services. There are stores devoted solely to pets. In any city any town you will find multiple dog groomers, pet boarding, and a dog care centre. Many cities are known to be dog friendly which means many of the hotels, restaurants, and stores will allow your pooch to join in the fun.

Give Your Dog Have A Long And Happy Life

Dogs and humans have an unexplainable special connection. Dogs are known to be the most loyal creatures. They like to relax at home with their owners, and if needed, a dog will protect their owners the best they can. If you have a new family that is growing, many dog breeds are known to create a close bond with the new addition and protect the baby from harm.

In turn, dogs rely on their owners to provide them with a safe and happy life. They like a safe and warm place to sleep, enough food and water daily, exercise daily, and typically like to spend time with their owners without feeling neglected. A dog will also rely on you to help when they are not feeling well.

How To Protect Your Dog’s Health

When you take ownership of a dog or any pet, you need to ensure you have the means to take care of the dog’s health needs throughout its life. Throughout the lifecycle of the dog, various expenses are to be expected.

As a puppy, your new pet will need rounds of shots to build antibodies, protect it from Parvo, and ensure you follow regional and state regulations with vaccinations. When the dog gets old enough, it is highly recommended to get the pet spayed or neutered to prevent your pup from procreating with another.

It will need annual and semi-annual shots like Bordatella and Rabies throughout your dog’s life, just to name a few.

Depending on where you live with your pup, flea and tick medications may be part of your summer shot routine. If a dog catches fleas, these fleas may be brought into your home and can bite you or your children. Likewise, if a dog gets a tick bite and it goes unnoticed, the dog may have other health issues arise. Protect your pup to avoid fleas and ticks.

Every type of dog breed is prone to do various health issues as the dog ages. Once you get a new dog, it is worth it to take the time and read up on your specific breed. If you are aware of potential health threats, you may be able to spot any health concerns in the early phases.

Avoid Accumulating Costly Bills At The Vet

Just like a doctor’s office for humans, a veterinarian’s office can be quite pricey. What you think may only be a minor issue for your dog could surprisingly turn into a $500 bill with all of the appointment cost, bloodwork, x-rays, and everything else that is needed during your pet’s veterinarian visit.

While you are protecting your dog, also protect your wallet by being proactive and signing up for the best pet insurance. Pet insurance is structured similarly to human insurance. There is a premium cost, a deductible, and add-ons available. When comparing different pet insurance policies, make sure you are comparing them side by side and word by word. There may be a difference in benefits of using one service over the other, even if they look like they are at the same price point.

Your Life Long Friend Will Thank You

When it comes to owning a pet, pet owners will do anything to give their funny friend the most comfortable and loving life. Protect your pet’s health by signing your dog up for a pet insurance policy.


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