Autumn Sales 2021: Why Do You Need a Smart Keyless Door Lock

Smart keyless door lock is one of the most cost-effective ways to get started with home automation. They improve the functionality and aesthetics of every home: the entrance door Locks compatible with voice assistants, wifi, or Bluetooth are available in various styles and sizes, and their availability is expanding rapidly. Whatever your problem with your front door, there is almost certainly a smart door lockout there for you. 

How safe are smart door locks?

The smart keyless door lock is one of the most recent advancements in home security technology, and it is mainly intended to make your house safer while also providing convenience. Smart keyless door locks do not need traditional keys to work; instead, they are controlled electronically via your smartphone. When it comes to high-tech home security and automation, a smart door lock is among the most effective options available.

What can you get from a smart door lock?

  • When your smart lock is linked to wifi, you will be able to operate it remotely. A tiny plug-in wifi bridge, which connects the lock to your network, is the most common solution in this situation.
  • Smart keyless door locks do not have to be bulky or strangely designed to function properly. They may pass for a standard lock in certain situations. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or traditional, you’ll most likely be able to discover a smart keyless door lock that matches your aesthetic.
  • Once you’ve installed your smart keyless door lock, you’ll be able to communicate with your smart assistant using voice commands. The ability to have Alexa open the front door when dinner guests come or lock it when you put your children to bed at night may make life a whole lot more convenient for you.
  • You may even be able to set up reminders to notify you if your door is left open during a period when it should be locked. Some smart door locks may also be programmed to lock at a certain time each day.

What do you need to consider when purchasing a smart door lock?


The primary aim of the smart keyless door lock, like with any other smart home device, is to offer you convenience. Lock and unlock your doors with the help of a smart keyless door lock that allows you to do so through remote access or voice command. You can even create scenarios that will trigger your smart lock to lock your front door when a certain event occurs.

When the smart door lock is linked to the internet through wifi, you may operate it from a distance. All you need to do is purchase a plug-in bridge for your wifi network, which will enable the lock to connect to your wifi network.

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Don’t worry about having a smart keyless door lock installed in your house and having it seem like it came straight out of a science fiction film. Smart keyless door locks may also be attractive, and they can even be designed to appear like a traditional lock if that is what you want. They typically have the appearance of a conventional deadbolt, but they are very sophisticated on the inside. Smart door locks from Smonet are available in several different designs. The good news is that most of these smart locks operate from the inside, so your external door’s appearance is not compromised. When it comes to smart locks, you can expect to see a conventional bolt design coupled with keypads, as well as the option to select between a classic or contemporary design.

Improve the efficiency of guest access

Are you interested in a time-sharing or vacation rental? Do you employ someone to walk your dogs or clean your house? Do you have relatives and friends who visit you regularly? If this is the case, installing a smart keyless door lock may be the greatest choice you have ever made! You won’t have to worry about making duplicate keys or keeping the extra sets safe with smart door locks. With the use of the lock’s compatible software, you may distribute digital keys to friends, family members, and even housecleaners to their homes.

Four excellent keyless smart locks you can’t miss from Smonet.

Smonet is going to start giving discounts on its products during Autumn Sales. You can get a cost-effective wifi door lock from them.

Smonet ZNS-H001 (Original price $139.99, special price $129.99)

  • Their clever lock may be placed on both the left and right handles of a door between 1/2″ and 7/8″ thick. And it can be used on both the left and right grip. After the outer lock has been installed, it is possible to reverse the direction of the exterior lock.
  • The additional installation of the gateway allows users to connect to Alexa and Google Home so as to achieve mobile phone or voice control smart lock.
  • Create passcodes that may be used up to 500 times and are permanent, one-time, and personalized from any location.


Smonet ZNS-Y001 (Original price $129.99, special price $119.59)

  • Only 0.5 seconds are required for this smart lock to detect your fingerprint, and 1 second is required to open the door. Additionally, if someone enters an incorrect password more than five times, the system will immediately lock the computer for 5 minutes.
  • In addition to the app (TTLock App or Sciener App), you may unlock your door using a keypad, fingerprint, IC card, or mechanical keys.
  • Create up to 500 passcodes, including timed, permanent, and one-time passwords, which you may then distribute to visitors, friends, housekeepers, and other workers. You may also give them eKeys, which they can use to get immediate access by installing the TTLock App or the Sciener App from the App Store.
  • The additional gateway installation enables customers to connect with Alexa and Google Home, allowing them to manage the smart lock via mobile apps or their voices, a feature that was previously unavailable.
  • When using 4pcs AA batteries, this smart door lock can offer up to 5000 openings over half a year, thanks to its user-friendly OLED display and zinc alloy body. If you are not completely pleased with your purchase, you are covered by their 30-day no-hassle return/exchange policy as well as 1-year product guarantee.

Smonet SMUS-AM (Original price $119, special price $104.88)

  • Create passcodes that are timed, permanent, one-time, and personalized, and then distribute them to visitors, friends, housekeepers, and other workers as needed.
  • If anybody attempts to input an incorrect passcode more than five times, this smart door lock will automatically lock for five minutes. Thanks to the automatic locking feature, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to lock the door anymore.
  • This smart lock is compatible with the Alexa digital assistant and Google Home, which allows you to unlock the door with your voice using either device. You may also use a wifi connection to link it to your phone if you purchase a separate wifi gateway.
  • With 4pcs AA batteries, you can open the door 5000 times, which will last about six months. With our 1-year product guarantee and 30-day no-hassle return policy, you can shop with confidence.

Smonet SMUS-MD (Original price $119.99, special price $105.79)

  • With the Smonet SMUS-MD Smart Lock, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. On the TTLock App or the Sciener App, you can generate up to 500 passcodes, which you can then share with your children, friends, visitors, and housekeepers.
  • In addition, if someone enters a wrong passcode more than five times, the door will automatically lock for 5 minutes and remain locked until the passcode is entered correctly.
  • Connecting this smart lock to your Alexa device or your home wifi will allow you to control it with your voice. The software will enable you to see the last 500 door opens that have occurred.
  • Only 4pcs AA batteries are required to open the door 5000 times over about six months. Please take advantage of their 1-year product warranty, 30-day no-hassle return and exchange policy, and lifelong technical support services.


Despite their similarity, not all smart keyless door locks are made equal. Before purchasing a smart lock, it is critical to ensure that it is as safe as possible. There are several factors to consider while answering the question “Are smart locks safe?” Choose one based on your particular requirements and try to find a reliable smart lock supplier. Reputable manufacturers, such as Smonet, have resolved various problems, including durability, connection, and appearance.


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