Avoid Experiencing Sildenafil Side Effects

Just as sildenafil is an active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil is also an active ingredient in the sildenafil pill. Both Viagra and the generic sildenafil pill has become popularly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) mainly in men. Both Viagra and the sildenafil pills has gained its popularity by being well-known and used by men from all around the world. The truth is that over 50% of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction by the age of 50.

The side effects experienced by most when taking the sildenafil pill are usually very mild. These side effects usually go away on their own after a while. However, if the side effects become more bothersome, you can always speak to your doctor about reducing your dosage entirely.

A reduction in the dosage may remedy the occurrence of some of the milder side effects and may be the solution that you need to prevent side effects of taking sildenafil.  If you were initially on a 100mg dosage of the sildenafil pill, you can lower your dosage to 50 mg. If you are interested in taking Cenforce 100, you can even opt for dosages as low as 25 mg or 30 mg.

Whether you choose to use either generic variation: sildenafil pill or Cenforce 100, you need to use the medication only when it is needed. Do not use the medication for longer than the doctor has prescribed. Also, ensure that you adhere to the required dosage. A higher dosage doesn’t necessarily mean a more potent effect.  Only take the sildenafil tablets or Cenforce 100 when there is a need to take these tablets. One tablet of the sildenafil pill taken one or more hours before sexual activity is all that is needed.  Do not exceed the one tablet per day limit.

Why People Use Sildenafil Pills or Cenforce 100 to Treat ED?

Clinical trials have been conducted on the active ingredient sildenafil and it was found that the drug effectively remedies ED safely in men up to the age of 75 years old. Knowing how this generic for Viagra works can help you ascertain whether you should stick to the original Viagra or opt for the sildenafil generic. Basically, the drug works by causing relaxation in the muscles and as such increases the blood flow to certain areas of the body including the penis.  Contrary to popular belief, an erection doesn’t occur just by consuming the drug and sexual stimulation needs to occur in order for both Viagra and the sildenafil pill to have an effect. In terms of pricing, you pay far less for the sildenafil pills in comparison to if you were to buy Viagra.

It is mainly for the fact that Viagra and the sildenafil pill work in the same way but carry a different price tag that people opt for sildenafil pills and other generics over Viagra.

While you can get a dose of sildenafil from either the sildenafil pill or Cenforce 100, the dosage that you will take of either will differ. A 100mg dosage or a higher 200mg dosage of Cenforce 100 can be taken whereas you need only take one 100 mg dosage of the sildenafil pill about 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual activity occurs. There is not really any difference between Cenforce 100 and the sildenafil pill in terms of how these drugs work and the duration for which the effects of the tablets last.

Side Effects of Sildenafil Pills

There are common mild side effects of taking the sildenafil pill, however, the more severe effects are rarely experienced. The milder sildenafil side effects that you can experience are light-headedness, hives, flushing of the skin, headaches, tummy aches, or swelling in your hands or feet.

Ways to Reduce Side Effects of the Sildenafil Pill

Sildenafil side effects can still be experienced even if you take precautions to prevent these side effects. Therefore, you need to know how to reduce the effects of the side effects that you are already experiencing.

If you feel a headache coming on, you can drink some water. Chances are that the headache has occurred as a result of dehydration. If the headache is more persistent, most painkillers that you get over the counter are safe to take while the active ingredient sildenafil is in your tummy.  Speak to your online pharmacist as to which painkillers are safe to consume while you are taking sildenafil.

Sometimes an upset tummy may result once sildenafil is consumed. Yet again, the upset tummy can be remedied by taking over-the-counter medicine. There are many pills that can effectively be used with the sildenafil active ingredient.

For flushed skin that may occur after consuming the tablets, a simple cool cloth being applied to the face may work wonders.

Breathe more slowly when you take sildenafil pills for this first time as this may reduce the effects of increased heart rate and hyperventilating while on the tablet.

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