Awesome Content Ideas That Will Make Your Blog A Backlink Magnet.

Want to attract as many backlinks to your website as possible? If so you’re going to need to establish yourself as an authority in the eyes of your peers by sharing exceptional content. Here’s how you can…

1. Offer tools and templates

The whole purpose of a blog post is to provide valuable information to your readers – but it doesn’t have to end with information alone. In fact, you can go one further and share various tools of templates in order to provide even greater value.

A really great example is a blog post that Hootsuite created including a social media content calendar template. This free giveaway has earned them thousands of backlinks from a wealth of reputable domains with high authority.


Because it’s immensely valuable! And then other marketers and creators piggyback on their success by sharing the resource with their own followers, thus empowering the original content creator even further.

In the same breath, you can include tools that help track social media analytics, and so on for similar results.

2. Create a quiz

An underrated blog type is a quiz. And we’re not just talking about: “Which type of fruit are you?” or something to that effect. We’re talking about genuinely valuable quizzes that can help your audience gauge how much they know about a given subject – while providing you with awesome insights into your industry.

For example, an SEO in Texas could create a quiz about local SEO. This gives their audience a fun and engaging way to learn more about local SEO, while also identifying gaps in the market. Then, they can go one further and create another blog post with the statistics they gathered from the quiz (e.g., 25% of local businesses in Texas believe that: XYZ).

3. Original, branded infographics

Whenever you are talking about complex subjects or sharing statistics in your blog posts, you should always create unique and branded infographics. Not only do infographics help people better process and understand the information provided, but it also makes the content far more likely to attract shares and backlinks.

Put it this way: if you read two blog posts that both shared exactly the same information, only one of them was accompanied with a colourful infographic that made the information easier to digest, which would you want to share with your audience?

4. Quotes from industry-experts and thought-leaders

Another awesome way to attract shares and backlinks is by including quotes from industry-experts and thought-leaders.

Whenever you are writing a post on a specific subject, interviewing various industry experts provides you with a great opportunity to add even more authority to your piece.

It’s not enough to cover a subject and tell people what’s what; go one further and include confirmation from a respected expert in the field.

5. Intuitive internal linking

This one is far less obvious than the others, however, you’d be surprised by how much it can improve the overall authority of a blog post…

When you share an in-depth blog post that has quotes, infographics, cited statistics and more – including intuitive internal linking to other relevant and well-written resources within your website that add greater value and depth, it will only attract even more shares.

This is because when somebody shares your blog post, they are also leading their readers to the additional information linked-to internally.

Conclusion: Go above and beyond

We’ve all heard the term “go above and beyond”, but how many of us actually do? The fact is, if you want to create share-worthy content, you need to put the work in.

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