Awning windows vs casement windows. What’s the difference?

You have endless options for replacement windows. As the owner of your house, it is necessary to be well-informed about the options you have so that you can pick the kind of window which suits your budget and style. There are two known hinged window styles- awning and casement windows which are quite similar and sometimes difficult to differ. Fortunately, if you are looking forward to a window replacement, then you will have sufficient information with you to make a confident decision about the best window for your house. Here is all the information you need.

What are casement windows?

Casement windows are made for areas where the height of window opening is more than the width. They are hinged on the left or right side which makes them open fully for proper ventilation and maximum sunlight. Casement windows function on the cranking mechanism to open and shut down and are extremely energy efficient.

Advantages of casement windows:

  • Unobstructed view: casement windows are recommended for those looking for a clear view of the outside. They offer the same look as a fixed window while allowing proper air flow and means of egress.
  • Easy cleaning: If you prefer a carefree lifestyle or you are too busy with your never ending to-do list, then casement windows can be a great relief for you. A lot of these windows rotate completely on both sides and this is why all part of the glass is fully accessible and easy to clean. 
  • Great ventilation: Casement windows possess the skill to function like a sail on a boat. When they are open four to five inches, and not fully, they can catch the air on the outdoor and re-direct it along the full-length in the house. However, there is a problem, a bigger casement window catches too much wind and may pressurize the hinges to twist on a windy day.
  • Recommended for small size windows: It is recommended to install casement windows in small to mid-size openings.

What are awning windows?

Awning windows are the same as casement windows as both are hinged, cranked windows. A major difference is that awning windows tilt open at the bottom and are hinged from above. Window Mart has awning windows available in appealing styles using a simple crank mechanism. They are recommended for kitchens and bathrooms in openings which are broader than tall.

Advantages of awning windows:

  • Airflow: As awning windows open out, they catch a breeze and bring it inside the house offering better ventilation. However, the ventilation isn’t as great as casement windows.
  • Light and visibility: It doesn’t have any bars, rails but only one sash. So, you get a clear view with good light.
  • Small window openings: Awning windows are available in limited size as the sash may get heavier on larger windows. 

Both the windows are more or less similar. It basically depends on your budget, preference and style of the house. So, choose wisely. In case of advice, speak to the professionals at Window Mart.


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