Barista Job Description 

Did you know that coffee falls under the three most popular beverages in the world? 

Its rejuvenating properties help you get through the day and, at the same time, support the economy. Global coffee consumption totalled 167 million bags, each weighing 60 kg, in 2020-2021. With demand for coffee skyrocketing, there has also been an eventual increase in demand for the ones who make and serve it – Baristas.  

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What is a Barista? 

In the simplest of terms, a Barista is someone who is well-versed in the concept of coffee and uses this knowledge to prepare and serve hot and cold drinks to their customers. Initially referred to as ‘Barman’, Baristas are the people who hold the key to helping one indulge in a premium coffee-tasting experience

The first three elements of a perfect cup of joe include an Espresso machine and the perfect method of grinding and roasting beans. The final and integral ingredient is the skill and experience of a Barista.   

Job responsibilities of a Barista 

Although their primary responsibility involves the preparation of coffee alone, Baristas perform other duties as well. A good Barista knows to prioritise customer service, the same way they do with the quality of their drinks. Everything from taking their customers’ orders to processing payments falls under the duties of a Barista.   

Here are some of their essential job requirements:

a. Quality customer service 

More often than not, people prefer restaurants and cafés based on ambience and service over the quality of food. This goes to prove that good customer service is integral in not just bringing in customers but retaining them as well.   

Baristas are required to greet customers and take their orders, all the while creating a comfortable space for them. They must have a thorough knowledge of coffee to be able to explain anything ranging from common drinks like a ‘Mocha’ to a fairly unpopular term like ‘Con Leche’ to their customers. 

They must also engage in conversations with their customers to garner feedback that could potentially help in improving service and even food quality. A charming personality is a bonus for people opting for this career as it encourages existing customers to stay and spread the word about your work.   

b. Preparing and serving beverages 

Being a coffee aficionado comes with its challenges. One must know to prepare almost all types of drinks from coffee. They are responsible for operating manual and automatic pressers and following traditional recipes. Finally, they engage in the aesthetic presentation of the drink or food and serve them to the customers. 

While preparing drinks, it is essential to keep customers’ preferences in mind for the best results. Additionally, incorporating a personal style into your drinks can help in creating a unique appeal to your work.   

c. Maintaining hygiene 

Cleanliness is integral for any business to function. This calls for Baristas to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. Coffee spills are common in the workspace. This requires Baristas to clean tables and chairs, their bar countertops, maintain an arranged shelf, etc.   

Baristas must also strive to present themselves professionally. Thus, it requires them to maintain cleanliness, as part of this career.   

d. Processing Payments 

A Barista’s duties only seize once the customers leave the café. Therefore, after preparing and serving drinks, they are also required to carry out payment procedures as well. They need to be quick on their feet for processing payments and keeping track of the entire day’s sales. Basic math is an essential skill that will prove useful.  

Essential Skills Required to Become a Barista 

Here are some of the essential skills needed to become a successful Barista:

a. Excellent communication skills   

b. Knowledge of the origins of coffee and its brewing techniques  

c. Ability to improvise according to customers’ preferences  

d. Quality customer service  

e. Follow standard sanitation rules  

f. Good eye-hand coordination  

g. Attention to detail  

h. Management Skills   

i. Consistency   


If you were eager to know the steps on to becoming a Barista, we hope this blog has proved useful. It all starts with a love for coffee. Once the basics of coffee are covered, all you require is the practice to develop the skills to become a Barista. 


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