Basic SEO Tips that will Help You to Build a Competitive Advantage in the Market

SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies with multiple benefits and features that help you gain a healthy influence on the internet. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you should follow to enjoy such efficient results.

How does SEO work?

Perth SEO companies have automated robots called spiders that collect all the essential information that your page provides. They collect data like backlinks, internal linking, page speed, keywords, title tags, etc. All of these data and information calculate when to show your platform when a particular search has been done. 

There are some basic techniques that you should follow to build a highly competitive and strong platform of your own in the market. There are about 200 factors that Google considers to rank the websites.  To gain recognition and fame in such an industry can be tough, which is why you need to follow certain tips. 

Some tips for building an advantage of your site in the market are:

  • Quality content around primary and secondary keywords

The quality and accuracy of the content you provide on your page is very important as it is the element that attracts customers is your content and its presentation. 

Proper usage of keywords is the core strategy of marketing on any Perth SEO agencies. The content you provide should be around the keywords you choose. There are two types of keywords- primary and secondary.

The primary keyword is the main focus of your content. It is the basic gist and description of your page. The primary keyword should be chosen very carefully as it decides the theme of your platform. Secondary keywords are detailed versions of the primary words. They are the continued term used to maintain the flow of your content. 

  • Have a short and an accurate URL for your site

The structure of the URL of your page is very critical as it is important when it comes to the rankings on the search lists. To have an appropriate URL, make sure you add at least 1 keyword to improve your recognition. 

Make sure you have a URL that is easy to understand and comprehend so that the audience can grasp a brief of what your site is about. Shorter URLs are much more preferred as the longer ones seem very complex. This can push your ranking further down, which is why it is recommended to have a URL of about 60 characters.

  • Backlinks from famous and recognised websites

Backlinks are considered an essential component of SEO strategies. They are important as they can have your rankings pulled up. However, Backlinking is nothing but when another website uses and provides your web page’s link as a source of information for a particular domain. 

This is very useful for spreading awareness about your platform and having a larger audience to engage with. In addition, when another website chooses to link your webpage for information, it proves the quality and accuracy of your content and shows that your website can be trusted.

This really helps in catching the attention of the audience and also pulls your rankings up. 

Wrapping it up

These are the three main techniques that need to be followed in order to stand out in the market. Although this may seem like basic information, it is actually the most underrated tip as nowadays people are fazed with using black-hat techniques for easy profit. However, they forget that the long-lasting profit is only gained by using authentic methods of marketing of any Perth SEO professionals. 

The mentioned three tips have been a great help for those new to the SEO means of marketing and who do not have an SEO service to rely on. So make sure you follow these tips effectively. 


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