Bear Montana vs SAS Gravity Hunting Bow

For most shooters out there, hunting is not a game, it is serious business. This is why they want to only invest in the best bows for hunting in the market. However, with so many options bombarding their search engines, it is quite challenging to find a bow that suits their needs the most.

If you too are a hunter and want to get your hands on the most authentic bows, then don’t worry; we have got you covered. We looked at some of the most revered bows closely and picked the two that guaranteed results. We then wrote down all of their top features, pros, and cons and compared them with each other. 

You can also look at the comparison below and decide which bow suits you more.

Bear Montana


It comes as no surprise that Bear Montana was one of our two picks for this comparison. This bow is a delight to hold and guarantees amazing results on the field. It combines all the features of modern times without compromising on authenticity and tradition. This makes it a perfect bow for people looking to achieve both strength and ease of usage.

For starters, the reflex and the deflex design of the bow allow for greater accuracy and ensures smooth performance. Not just that, but it also allows for a hand shock-free shooting style. So anyone used to compound bows before can easily switch to this amazing longbow for more accurate shooting. 

Another thing that will impress you is the solid construction of the bow. The use of materials like wood and fiber adds to the durability and strength of the design. Moreover, expert craftsmanship has also been added to ensure the bow lasts for as long as your passion for hunting. All this has led to a sturdy and solid bow that looks and feels stylish in your hands. 

Moreover, the riser is made with black Dymond wood maple and the limbs are made with white maple wood. Furthermore, strong black fiberglass has also been added to the mix to ensure more strength for these parts. The flexible and strong riser and limbs hence ensure great precision on the field.

On top of all of that, you will also love the leather ‘shoot of the shelf’ grip that allows for great comfort and accuracy during shooting. You will also be able to draw the bow for a longer time without flinching. But that’s not all; the greater bow weight of Bear Montana will help you achieve greater speeds. All this surely makes this one of the best bows for hunting in the market. 

Adding to all of the above features, Bear Montana is also suitable for both left and right-handed users. It is around 64 inches long and allows for draw weights of 30, 35, 40, 45, 55, and 60 pounds. All in all, if you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, this will prove to be one of the best bows for hunting for you. 


  • Offers greater stability and smooth performance
  • Is long and allows for diverse draw weights
  • Quiet performance to ensure success
  • Hand-shock free shooting
  • Allows for fast and powerful performance


  • The string may need replacement after some time

SAS Gravity Hunting Longbow

This is yet another amazing bow that deserves to be revered for its amazing features. It is one of the best crossbows for hunting by the company and has managed to garner extensive praise from all kinds of hunters. This bow is handcrafted from some of the finest types of woods and hence provides unmatched durability for a very long time. The use of refined materials not only adds to the strength but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bow.

Another amazing thing about this longbow is that it is only 1.3 pounds heavy and hence allows for very good portability. Moreover, it is also easier to draw and doesn’t cause much fatigue. Furthermore, contrary to what people believe, this portability doesn’t come at the cost of strength. This longbow has a solid and sturdy design that offers flexibility where it should. The deflex limbs also allow for increased power and enhanced accuracy. 

Additionally, the model also uses a high-speed black glass and maple core that adds to its appeal. This not only enhances the stability the model offers but also allows for great speed. As for draw weights, you can choose from a wide range of options. On top of all that, the model is also suitable for both right and left-hand users. All this makes it one of the best bows for hunting out there.

It is also 64 inches long; a feature that allows for stability during shots. At better poundage, you can also take down larger animals like a deer with it easily. Moreover, this model is not recommended for beginner-level hunters. This is because amateur shooters may flinch and experience some hand shock during hunting. However, this is not a permanent issue and can easily be resolved with proper practice. 


  • High-quality wood construction provides durability
  • Allows for smooth and fast shooting performance
  • The lightweight model allows for portability
  • Great for target shooting and hunting
  • Allows for a range of draw weights


  • May result in some hand-shock


One look at the features of both these models will make you fall in love with them. Both these are considered to be the best bows for hunting in the market. Bear Montana is more suitable for beginners and offers amazing stability and smoothness during the performance. It is also slightly cheaper than most other models in the market. On the other hand, if you have a slightly higher budget and have some experience in the field, then we recommend you choose the brilliant SAS gravity model. 


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