Beauty Startup 101: Top 8 Skincare Brands for Sensitive Skin

Cosmetics is one of the most profitable businesses today. Over the years, skincare has emerged as a top subcategory in this sector, taking more than 23% of its total revenue.

Whether you’re already in the industry or just planning to become a part of it, you should know that sensitive skincare is one of the key drivers that led to this market development. As such, you’ll want to include products in your skincare collection that cater to people with extra-delicate skin.

To help you choose your next cosmetic line, below are the top eight brands that many experts and beauty and skincare companies like to promote for sensitive skin:

1. Clinique

Launched in the late 1960s, Clinique became one of the first brands to implement a dermatological approach to skincare.

What made it stand out from the crowd was its determination to not use ingredients that could trigger allergies or irritate the skin. In fact, to this day, Clinique still offers products that do not contain phthalates, parabens, and fragrances – all of which are known to have the potential to cause adverse effects on the skin.

One more thing that made Clinique unique is its method of recommending products to customers. Instead of the usual one-size-fits-all approach, the brand preferred the one-on-one approach to consultation with clients.

From this program, the “Clinique Computer” was born – a non-electronic display box with simple sliding knobs that allowed customers to identify their specific skin type. This simple apparatus made it easier for customers to choose the best-suited products for their skin.

The idea of having a custom-made skincare regimen became a huge hit and served as the brand’s most significant selling point in the skincare industry.

Today, online and brick-and-mortar stores that promote Clinique in Dubai and around the world have a wealth of skincare products in their collection specifically made for sensitive skin, including the following:

  • Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate
  • 7-Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula
  • Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm

Aside from these, Clinique’s Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser is highly recommended for removing makeup, dirt, and other impurities while keeping it moisturized. Its formula works to soothe irritation and redness, making it the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

As a bonus, this Clinique product also has a mild exfoliating factor that can remove dead skin cells gently without harming the skin.

2. Cetaphil

Known for making products specifically tailored for delicate skin, Cetaphil also ranks high in the list of the most sought-after skincare brands for sensitive skin.

Created in 1947, the Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion – or the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, as consumers know it today – still has the same formula that helped the skincare product line grow into an internationally recognized brand.

To this day, Cetaphil promises to defend the skin from all the signs of sensitivity, including:

  • Dryness
  • Irritation
  • Roughness
  • Tightness
  • Weakened skin barrier

Some of Cetaphil’s top products include the Gentle Skin Cleanser, Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths, Gentle Moisturizing Cream, and Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. It also offers a separate product line for babies whose skin is the most sensitive of all.

3. Avène

With centuries’ worth of expertise in caring for sensitive skin, Avène is among the consumers and dermatologists’ most trusted brands worldwide. At the core of its formula is the Avène Thermal Spring Water, which works to soften, smoothen, and calm the skin.

Products made with Avène Thermal Spring Water are sterile and include only the most essential ingredients to ensure optimal safety and tolerance without sacrificing efficacy.

One of the brand’s leading offerings for sensitive skin is the Avène Eau Thermale Micellar Lotion Make-Up Remover – a gentle multipurpose product that does not contain oils, soap, or alcohol. Its no-rinse formula makes it effective as a cleanser, toner, and makeup remover that prevents skin irritation, thanks to the hyaluronic acid, chamomile, and other soothing ingredients it contains.

4. Olay

Olay is a world-renowned brand with a wide range of beauty and skincare lines that takes its products’ safety very seriously.

In its over-65-years of producing top-quality products, Olay promises “a healthy dose of skepticism” whenever a new ingredient is introduced – something that benefits people with sensitive skin. After gathering all relevant data, the maker of Olay (Procter & Gamble) determines the safe range for each ingredient before creating the formula for their skincare line.

Below are some of the products included in the Olay Sensitive skincare collection:

  • Sensitive Cleansing Water
  • Sensitive Calming Facial Moisturizer
  • Sensitive Face Cleanser
  • Olay Complete Cream Moisturizer, Sensitive

5. Neutrogena

Managed by the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, Neutrogena® is another brand that provides complete care for sensitive skin.

Like the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Skin, some of its products come in a water-based formula that leaves a feather-light and gentle effect on the skin. This particular product contains the moisturizing power of glycerin, an intensive water-binding humectant, combined with isopropyl isostearate that protects and softens the skin.

Besides what’s in it, Neutrogena’s primary selling point is what it does not contain.

Like Clinique, its products normally don’t contain fragrances. It is also free of any coloring and other ingredients that could potentially harm sensitive skin.

6. Dove

Approved by both dermatologists and pediatricians worldwide, Dove’s sensitive skin beauty bar comes with a hypoallergenic formula that makes it an excellent choice for delicate skin.

Like most brands on this list, it also crafts its products for sensitive skin without fragrances, making them suitable for daily use.

7. Burt’s Bees

Although famous for its line of lip balms, Burt’s Bees also comes with other gentle skincare products that can be used for different parts of the face.

From cleansers and toners to balanced moisturizers, the brand promotes a holistic skincare regimen, touting its complete sensitive skincare routine package which includes the following products:

  • Sensitive Facial Cleanser
  • Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream
  • Sensitive Eye Cream
  • Sensitive Night Cream
  • Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes

8. Vanicream

Another brand that sells fragrance-free skincare products is Vanicream.

Focusing on the delicate skin market, this brand does not use any of the following common chemical irritants found in other skincare lines:

  • Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Masking fragrances
  • Lanolin
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde releasers

According to Cosmopolitan, Vanicream’s best product for sensitive skin is the Vanicream Sunscreen Sport SPF 35. Considered an excellent replacement for spray-on sunscreen, this product’s high sun protection factor (SPF) comes with a soft and creamy feel when applied to the skin.

Vanicream also has a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizing cream to help consumers achieve that healthy-looking glow.Visit the site tamilmv

Premium Care for Sensitive Skin

Offering premium care products for sensitive skin requires thorough market research and an in-depth understanding of your customer’s needs.

To be safe, stick to trusted brands like the ones on this list. click here comments On Instagram


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