Beginner’s Guide: How to Tell If Your Watches Are Genuine

Purchasing a watch in today’s world can be perplexing. Not only are there a plethora of timepieces to choose from, but there are also a variety of watch kinds to choose from, with prices ranging from a dollar to the cost of a sports car. Many counterfeiters attempt to create reproductions of well-known watches to make quick money, which can be a major deterrent if you’re wanting to purchase a new timepiece.

Many well-known luxury brands take extra steps when making their watches, such as utilizing high-quality materials and engraving a serial code on each timepiece. You may easily acquire a great watch without the worry of being ripped off if you do your research and think about it carefully.

Authenticity Verification

Hublot watches, founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980, drew notice with the company’s “Fusion” philosophy of merging the extraordinary with the ordinary. Hublot watches have dominated the market ever since, with their creative designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

It is possible to verify the authenticity of a used Hublot timepiece. The Hublot logo may be found on the watch’s crown and you’re probably holding a fake if it’s crooked or has an unusual shape. Continue your research for a genuine Hublot if you notice evident signs of glue on your timepiece. Find the watch’s serial number and this number is engraved on the back of the case, on the case shoulder, or on the timepiece’s outside border. You may check online or call the Hublot authorized store or customer service to verify the serial number. 

How to Tell If a Watch Is Genuine?

In the vintage watch market, fakes, so-called “Franken watches,” and unscrupulous merchants abound. There are a few indicators that can help you distinguish between a genuine and a counterfeit watch. Talk to collectors, join web forums, and ask questions to learn more about the timepieces you’re interested in. Posting images and soliciting opinions might also be beneficial. Let’s take a closer look at how to identify authentic timepieces.

  • Serial Number
  • Quality
  • Market Value
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Make Sure the Serial Number Is Correct

The serial number can be used to determine the watch’s age. Check that the serial number matches the case vintage if at all possible. It’s worth noting that luxury timepieces have an alphanumeric number printed on them that corresponds to a number on the case and/or warranty. Ensure that any numerals or other labels are laser-etched and not sloppily printed. Before acquiring a watch secondhand or at an auction, double-check the serial number with the maker. Artistic watchmakers keep meticulous data on the many timepieces they produce. As a result, you’ll be able to find documents on the watch you’re buying if it’s genuine.

Quality Is a Top Priority

Genuine timepieces are expertly manufactured and meticulously constructed. Each moving part was designed to perform flawlessly together. When a watch is a fake, the level of craftsmanship drops significantly, and there are bound to be defects. Most counterfeit watches get the font wrong, so you’ll notice some lettering that is bolder and appear somewhat smudged in comparison to real timepieces. The spelling, pay close attention to any writing on the watch, including the dial, side, case, and packaging. If the watch has any scratches, misspelled words, or flaking paint, it’s a big clue that it’s a fake. Ticking should not be an issue with a high-quality designer watch since it is manufactured with masterfully constructed moving parts.

Calculating the Market Value

If you want to know if your watch is real or fake, look it up on the internet. Simply go through internet auctions to see if you can find any information about the watch. Sold pricing and photographs of the watch will be available on these websites. Research the brand and become familiar with their watches, including the bracelet features, clasp, and general brand logos. Shop slowly and carefully for the greatest results. Evaluate the seller, the condition, and the price of the watch before making a buying decision.

Certificate of Authenticity

Most luxury Swiss watch manufacturers rely on their timepieces’ historical significance, a legitimate watch will always (or most) come with a certificate of authenticity, whether or not it is part of a limited edition. The certificate is one-of-a-kind and must be kept as safe as the watch. A timepiece will almost always be required to be physically examined by specialists at an official, authorized shop.

Buying Tips

1. Purchase a new watch 

The easiest way to avoid receiving a fake watch is to purchase a new one. Although it is the more expensive option, it is still the better one. Your timepiece will come with the original box, serial number, and certificate, as well as everything else you’ll need to verify its authenticity.

2. Consult an Appraiser

An appraiser is a licensed professional who certifies the worth of an item or property. If you take your watch to an appraiser, they will be able to determine if it is genuine and why. They’ll also be able to inform you whether or not you’re receiving a fair price.

In Conclusion

Many of us enjoy going on bargain hunts and trying to catch precious items. Unfortunately, some of us will be deceived and sold counterfeit goods at some point. A reputable Hublot dealer or any iconic timepieces will provide you with the best protection for your Hublot purchase. If you buy a watch from someone who isn’t well-known, you can end up with a fake watch built of inferior materials. Even if you acquire a warranty card with the watch, dealers that aren’t highly rated normally don’t offer products with warranties or guarantees.

Only an expert can fully certify your timepiece in the end. The more interest in luxury timepieces grows, and the popularity of Hublot watches grows, the more work a counterfeiter is ready to put into creating a convincing replica. If at all feasible, have your watch authenticated by a reputable watch specialist, and only buy from a reputable seller. 


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