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Benefits automatic transcription software over manual services


Do you use transcription service to make a transcript of your audio/video files? There are 2 types of transcription services are used, manual and automatic transcription. While manual or human transcription can provide you best accuracy, automatic transcription can provide you with other the benefits. Price, speed, information security just to name some of them. We may need to prepare transcript in different ways in our daily lives, so we don’t always have a chance to hire a human. Automated transcription is a process of transcribing audio through software without human help. AI has evolved in last years so much that people prefer to use advanced AI systems. Automatic transcription has become so popular worldwide that manual and human transcription service’s usage is declining. Read this full article to know why people rely so much on automatic transcription. All the advantages of automatic transcription are well mentioned here.

Automatic transcription software

Reading the above part, I hope you understand Was ist transkription? Automatic transkriptionssoftware has many advantages that make it so popular. You should be aware of the benefits of this transcription so that you too can transcribe everything through this software in the future. Meetings, lectures, movies and so on. See the sections below to find out why automated transcription has more benefits than manual transcription.

  • Automatische transkription is many times more affordable than manual transcription.
  • It can transcribe video and audio clips in a very short time – shorter than audio duration
  • All your files are kept secure in the automated transcription process and no one has access to it except you
  • You receive notification immediately when the transcript is ready
  • The files you use will not be seen by any third party.
  • Automatic transcription saves you both time and money.
  • This software is designed in such a way that you can make transcript without the help of anyone else.
  • It is fully machine operated so you don’t have to pay staff costs.
  • Currently, it is the most advanced and updated process.
  • It’s getting better as it learns continuously. Hope that some day in near feature it will achieve human accuracy.

The only downside to automatic transcription is that it’s not perfect. Because it is run by the whole machine, so somehow the transcript may be wrong. This is not considered a problem as you have interface for quickly correcting errors. Automatic transcription is best for you if you want to finish any transcript in a short time. Automatic transcription will be further updated and improved in the future. The growing popularity of automated transcripts undoubtedly proves that software will be updated quickly to produce error-free automated copying.  Globally, at one time only automated transcription technology was expected to be used. People’s confidence and demand for automated copy are increasing day by day.

You’ll be glad to know that there are many ways to make the most out of automated transcription! But if you are thinking of saving your time and money, you must capture high-quality audio and video. Initially, you can start doing this online using free automated transcription software. But to get the best service, it is wise to use paid software.

Final words

I will tell you that if you are thinking of using automated transcription, you must try to use noise-free audio and video. Because, the more sound or random sound you have in your files, the more automatic transcription errors will occur.


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