Benefits, Drawbacks, and Alternatives to Coolsculpting for Inner Thighs

A variety of FDA-approved nonsurgical procedures for reshaping the problematic inner thigh area are now available.

Heat or cryolipolysis is used in noninvasive body sculpting to kill fat cells, which are then removed by the body as waste.

The most popular fat-melting procedure is CoolSculpting.

These inner thigh contouring treatments have a great level of satisfaction.

The inner thighs are a notoriously difficult area of the body to contour and shape. While you can do inner thigh lifts until you’re blue in the face, the truth is that your inner thigh form is mostly dictated by genetics: where and how your body stores fat is a hereditary feature that you have little control over. The much-desired “thigh gap” shown on magazine covers and swimwear runways is unattainable for the vast majority of women.

There are some transformational noninvasive methods that can shrink the inner thigh area without the need for plastic surgery for women (and men) who are fit, healthy, and near to their desired weight. The FDA-approved fat-melting methods CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and Vanquish are among the most popular.

We talked to our panel of experts about CoolSculpting, the most popular noninvasive technology for contouring the inner thighs, and we’ll compare it to other nonsurgical fat-melting treatments.


CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is without a doubt the most popular and transformative nonsurgical surgery for inner thigh reshaping. In 2010, the FDA approved CoolSculpting for the elimination of fat bulges around the flanks (love handles), and in 2014, it was approved for use on the inner and outer thighs. It was an instant hit since it provided an alternative to liposuction. Clinical trials revealed that it reduced subcutaneous fat by up to 25% after just one treatment, with 86 percent of participants reporting an improvement in the treated area.

Dr. Hilinski, a cosmetic surgeon and specialist CoolSculpting physician in San Diego, states, “There is truly no other treatment that allows freezing stubborn fat away like CoolSculpting.”

“After just one treatment, patients should expect to observe a 25–30 percent reduction in extra fat.” And one treatment can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.”

CoolSculpting was prompted by a Harvard research in which doctors discovered that youngsters who ate popsicles had dimples in their cheeks. They eventually discovered that the popsicles were freezing and destroying small amounts of fat cells, a process known as cryolipolysis, while causing no injury to the skin or surrounding tissue. Because fat cells were more sensitive to cold harm than the surrounding water-rich cells, they were removed.

CoolSculpting was born as a result of this groundbreaking revelation. The method was created to deliver precise and safe cooling to fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. The temperature of the skin is monitored by built-in sensors. The device immediately shuts down if the sensors indicate that the skin is becoming too chilly.

Fat cells die after many weeks and are naturally eliminated by the body. The fat cells in the treated area are permanently eliminated.

CoolSculpting is especially good for contouring the inner thighs. 45 people between the ages of 18 and 65 were given a 60-minute CoolSculpting treatment for their inner thighs in one research, with the following results:

Ninety-three percent of patients were pleased.

89 percent of people would tell a friend about inner thigh cryolipolysis.

A second therapy was likely for 91 percent of the participants.

After just one treatment, 84 percent of participants saw visible fat reduction in their inner thighs.

CoolSculpting Advantages

The CoolFit Advantage vacuum applicator makes using the device on the inner thighs more convenient.

No downtime is required for a CoolSculpting procedure, which may be done during one’s lunch break. Patients who prefer quick, noninvasive aesthetic procedures that give real effects without a significant recuperation period may like this.

After just one session, the average person eliminates 25% of their inner thigh fat.

The fat reduction is progressive, enabling the skin to contract, so there is little chance of post-procedural skin laxity.

Smaller, more defined areas of fat buildup around the inner thighs are well-suited to the CoolSculpting technology.

Learn more about the areas of the body that Coolsculpting may help with and how effective it is.

CoolSculpting has certain drawbacks.

Dr. G. Philip Barnsley of Synergy Medical Aesthetics in Nanaimo, BC, explains that CoolSculpting is helpful for the inner thighs as long as the fat pockets are modest and localized in one spot on the inside of the leg. Dr. Barnsley explains, “Patients who are overweight and/or have big pockets of fat they want to treat should seek an alternative to CoolSculpting.”

Patients with very little amounts of fat, on the other hand, may not be great candidates for CoolSculpting because the device targets fat cells via suction. For the therapy to be effective, there must be enough skin to suction into the applicator.

The use of the correct applicator and careful positioning of the applicator are essential for effective inner thigh contouring with Fat freezing in Dubai . An indentation or concavity in the thigh might result from improper use. As a result, selecting a CoolSculpting practitioner that is certified and has a lot of experience is critical.

CoolSculpting might cause moderate discomfort or numbing sensations in certain people.

Do you want to learn more about CoolSculpting for inner thighs? Zwivel’s comprehensive guide to CoolSculpting may be found here.


Another popular noninvasive fat removal therapy is SculpSure. This method uses a laser with a wavelength of 1,060 nm to burn fat cells without harming the skin. This wavelength, according to research, warms fat to the required temperature for it to be destroyed while causing no harm to skin or body tissue.

Four flat application plates are placed on the inner thigh area during a SculpSure treatment. Warming the targeted area for a few minutes to heat the fat cells is the first step. Alternate warming and cooling cycles are interwoven over the following 21 minutes to keep the fat heated while preventing skin overheating.

Heat damages fat cells, which are eventually removed as waste by the lymphatic system. While skin tightening isn’t the main purpose of the procedure, the laser does help with modest tightening and collagen formation. With no downtime, a single 25-minute SculpSure treatment can kill up to 24% of fat cells in the targeted area. According to one study, 85 percent of patients who had the SculpSure procedure for the flanks were happy with the results.

The FDA has approved the treatment for use on the inner thighs, and patients have reported remarkable outcomes.

SculpSure’s Advantages

SculpSure’s thermal heat tends to extend somewhat beyond the immediate treated area, resulting in a natural-looking transition between treated and untreated areas of the thigh.

SculpSure takes less time to treat than CoolSculpting: 25 minutes vs. 35 minutes.

The four SculpSure plates can be customized to suit and treat the inner thigh in the way that you choose. Unlike CoolSculpting, the treatment does not require suction, therefore it can be used on patients with extremely little quantities of fat.

Both thighs can be treated at the same time.

SculpSure has some drawbacks.

Patients with a higher body fat percentage have a little more difficulty throughout therapy.

As a result of treatment, some individuals acquire nodules or lumps of fat beneath the skin, but these normally disappear on their own over time.

Following treatment, there may be some slight soreness or swelling, which can be controlled with pain medication.

Because the body may absorb too much energy from multiple laser wavelengths, SculpSure cannot be used in conjunction with other laser treatments like laser hair removal or laser skin resurfacing. It is recommended that you wait two weeks between laser treatments. Do you want to learn more about SculpSure? Here’s what one patient had to say about his or her experience.

Vanquish employs radio frequency to generate precise heat and kill fat cells without ever touching the patient’s skin. The applicator is suspended an inch from the patient’s body, and sensors embedded into the device compute the quantity of energy that should be administered based on the individual’s body fat.

To eliminate fat cells, the outer layer of skin is heated to 101 degrees, while the underlying adipose or fat layer is heated to 120 degrees. The flexible applicator panels can be positioned to target the inner thigh. Radio frequency waves cause thermal damage to fat cells, resulting in a natural, controlled kind of cell death. The death of fat cells causes a reduction in the thickness of the fat layer in the Vanquish treatment region. It may take several weeks for the cells to be excreted from the body.

The process takes about 30 minutes and must be done once a week for four to six weeks to achieve the best long-term outcomes.

Vanquish’s Advantages

Vanquish is better at treating larger areas than it is at shaping or contouring little pockets of fat on the inner thigh. Patients with a higher BMI who want a more circumferential thigh reduction will benefit the most from it.

Although some patients notice slight perspiration, there is no pain or discomfort during or after treatment.

Vanquish’s disadvantages

Because the applicator does not come into contact with the skin, Vanquish lacks the targeted specificity of SculpSure or CoolSculpting.

Patients who have metal implants such as hip replacements, surgical staples, or surgical screws near the treatment area, as well as people who have pacemakers, are not eligible for Vanquish treatment.

Fat necrosis is manifested by lumps of hardness beneath the skin in certain patients (death). These normally go away after a few weeks. Start an online consultation with a plastic surgeon on Zwivel if you’d like to get free qualified medical advice about your inner thigh shaping alternatives.

The verdict on the most effective noninvasive inner thigh therapy

While Coolsculpting in Dubai remains the most popular noninvasive procedure for sculpting the bothersome inner thigh area, it is evident that each of these FDA-approved treatments has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, as well as being suitable to various people.

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Based on your cosmetic objectives, weight, and thigh shape, a board-certified surgeon or dermatologist can recommend the best therapy for you. The expertise and experience of the surgeon or practitioner performing your therapy have a significant impact on the outcome. Expert practitioners know how to use these technologies to achieve the greatest possible results while keeping the patient safe.

» Use our online virtual consultation tool to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon near you if you’re interested in noninvasive treatment for shaping your inner thighs and want to consider your treatment alternatives. You’ll be able to upload photos, videos, and all of the relevant personal information for your chosen doctors to assess.

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