Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing System

Standing seam metal roofs in Alberta have become quite common nowadays and while metal roofs aren’t anything new, the technology has rapidly grown making them one of the most economical and long-lasting choices for residential and commercial buildings. No matter you are re-roofing or going for a new construction, the high quality, budget-friendly seam metal roofing system will definitely suffice your purpose. All you need to need to is hire reliable contractors and builders for it.

They look great

As the fasteners are hidden, only a smooth ridge is seen which makes your home look amazing. You can pick light-shade metal roofs if you wish to include the advantage of UV reflection. Light colored metal roofs will keep your house cool under rising temperature. You can also choose a color to enhance the architectural appeal of your building.

They are tough

Apart from looking splendid, the standing steam metal roof wipe out the weak points which are noticed in other metal roofing systems and composite shingle roofs. For extreme weather conditions, especially in Alberta, you will not find anything as much durable as standing seam metal roof. The metal and the installation procedure makes them tough and hard.

They are long lasting

You can expect the standing seam metal roof to last around 30-50 years. They are resistant to fire and hail storms and extreme snow. They usually need quick and simple fixes. Though the initial expense of installation may be a little higher than the other roofing material, you will definitely gain with them in the long run.

Light in weight

Metal standing seam weigh very less in comparison to their asphalt counterparts. This majorly lowers the stress on the frame of your house and lowers long term depreciation of the structure which is holding the house.

Fire proof

They aren’t just light in weight but they are also more efficient in protecting your home from fire in comparison to asphalt and cedar shingles. Metal roofs have Class A rating while cedar roofs have Class C fire rating which means they resist combustion. Usually house to house fire spreads from roofs, a metal roof will wipe out the risk and prove to be a safer option for your house.

Better technology

Metal standing seam roof are same to corrugated metal roofs, with just one additional and better feature, hidden fasteners. Standing seam roofs overlap and interlock in a manner which hides all screws which further lessens the chances of rusting, leakage and other dangers. Also, the ribs in the standing seam roof offer it better structural integrity.

Color and coating

Well, all standing seam roofs come with rust resisting coat and the panels are available in different colors. Every panel is made with top notch gauge steel or tin alloy along with durable coating to keep the color of your roof lively.

So, standing seam metal roof proves to be a great option if you are looking for roof installation. Choose AMT Roofing to get high quality metal roofs.

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