Best Apps as Microsoft Office Alternatives On Android

When we talk about the android apps then we found office apps are considered to best most productivity. Because nowadays, most of the official work can be done using professional tools. Therefore considering the necessity, we brought a collection of Android Office Apps.

If we mention the office apps then Microsoft is considered to be a top company. That has firstly introduced the product with the name of Microsoft Office for Windows users. Though at that moment the product only supports Personal Computers.

But with the time when the experts realized the extension. They also introduced an android version for smartphone users. But accessing those features requires an expensive premium subscription. Hence here we brought some best alternative office apps for android users.

What is Android Office Apps

Android Office Apps include android applications, which play the role of productivity. At the start, Microsoft was considered to be the alone platform. That fully supports and offers the same services over certain subscription plans.

But with the time when the tool goes advanced. The marketers also increase the product price. Which makes it expensive and unaffordable for average mobile users. In some cases, digital devices may encounter problems installing and deploying certain files.

This means the android users may be unable to use the same application due to compatibility problems. But sensing the key issue and users’ requests. The developers are finally back with some of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office apps.

Those works smoothly and require no subscription or registration. The only thing that requires is an android smartphone and compatible android operating software. Remember the list we gonna provide here is perfect and operational on all android smartphones.

This means either you are carrying an old android smartphone or the latest one. The mentioned android apps work smoothly without showing any error. Hence you are ready to take advantage of the opportunity, then read the Android Office Apps review carefully.

AndrOpen Office

This android application almost supports all document formats. Even offers this inbuilt powerful processor that provides a live editing option. Moreover, Android users can easily generate different presentation slides through the platform.

Though here we are unable to witness any key issue regarding the application. Furthermore, the platform fully supports a powerful Spreadsheet and Presentation Tool. Using the spreadsheet, the users can easily manage the details including credentials.

The experts claim that the application is fully supported with Google Drive and DropBox and One Drive. This means the android users can easily save plus upload generated files. So they can easily access those later online.

Docs to Go

We believe android users are already familiar with the application. Because it seems to be old enough and works smoothly with all digital devices. As per officials, the application fully supports all document files with multiple formats.

Though it was first introduced for personal computers. But later when the experts realized the importance of android users. They decided to launch an android version also where installation and utilization were simple.

There is a premium version also reachable to purchase online. Purchasing the premium subscription will assist in unlocking different other features. Such as password protection, save to cloud storage, and direct sync option to desktop.

Google Drive

To be honest this is the most incredible online platform that is used and operated by both android and computer users. Millions of people already associate themselves with the platform. And millions are still exposing themselves to this incredible invention.

Remember the platform is only reachable to use online. If you are successful in downloading the Android version of the application. Then those smartphone users can easily operate and run Word Files, Excel Sheets and Presentation slides for free.

Though a premium version of the platform is also accessible online. Yet those who are willing to enjoy the premium features must purchase the pro license first. We found the subscription plans cheaper and affordable for mobile users.


We found this application more interesting and productive as compared to other reachable online apps. Because the features including mobile compatibility were kept on the top. Even the 24/7 support system is there for user assistance.

All the key document formats including operations are reachable under a single package. Even the users can easily generate Word Files, Edit Spread Sheets, Editing Presentation files, and more. Though we are not sure about the direct access to the pro store.

Because this application also supports and offers premium features. That allows the users to enjoy a pro option including direct sync to desktop, multiple drive savings, and more. Even multiple formats including themes are also reachable inside.

Final Words

Hence you cannot afford to wait till the end for the latest version. Moreover, you cannot afford to purchase a premium subscription for accessing office apps. Then we recommend you explore Android Office Apps visiting


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