Best Bangs Styles To Flatter Your Face Shape


Bangs styles for Round Faces. 1

Bangs styles for Oval Faces. 1

Bangs styles for Square or Oblong Faces. 2

Bangs Styles for Heart-shaped Faces. 2

Luvme Hair Wigs- Experiment with hairstyles with ease. 2

Why Choosing the Right Bangs Style is Important 3

Do you like trying out different bangs styles and experimenting with your look? We know how exciting a fresh haircut feels, but what happens if the bangs style you chose doesn’t suit your face? You are left with no choice but to wait for your hair to grow out.

Why risk being stuck with a haircut you don’t like for months or even a year when you can simply invest in a good-quality, fashionable-styled hair wig instead? If you are wondering how you can test various bangs styles without actually chopping off your hair, human hair wigs with bangs is a safe and fun solution. When talking about human hair extensions and wigs, Luvme Hair is a brand you can trust to offer the best value for money.

Their online store has a wide variety of easy-to-install wigs that you can try, but if you’re unsure which bangs style to go for, check out this guide to decide the best bangs styles for your face shape.

Bangs styles for Round Faces

When choosing a hairstyle for round faces, opt for cuts that create an illusion of a slimmer face. Here are some bangs styles you can try if you have a round face shape.

  • Side-swept Bangs

Thick-cut, side-swept bangs that reach mid-cheek can be very flattering and complementary to this face shape. It adds an angular length to the hair and face and also makes your jawline appear elongated. An added bonus to this style is that the bangs are fun to style and play with, unlike others.

  • Blunt Micro Bangs

Although blunt bangs have a bad reputation among round-shaped beauties, you can still make this style work for you with short micro bangs that leave enough space between your brows and fringe to create a visual elongation of your face. These bangs look even better if your face has softer features.

Bangs styles for Oval Faces

Women with oval-shaped faces are considered lucky because they can carry any hairstyle without worrying about whether or not it would flatter their faces. Nevertheless, some bangs styles are better suited to oval faces. Have a look at them here:

  • Soft Blunt Bangs

Not everyone can get away with blunt bangs, but oval faces can sport this look with complete confidence. Softly cut, blunt bangs add the perfect dimension to this face shape while drawing attention away from an elongated chin and mouth.

  • Medium Bangs

Another daring cut is just a little longer than micro bangs but still falls short above the brows. This style looks futuristic and clean and works exceptionally well for curly hair types. The added texture and piecey-ness of curly hair add to the oomph factor medium bangs create.

Bangs styles for Square or Oblong Faces

If you have a wide hairline and jawline, your face will be categorized as square-shaped. In contrast, an oblong face is longer than it is wide. Either way, a few bangs styles would suit them both.

  • Long and Layered Bangs

If you have a strong jawline, you can opt for a long, layered fringe that adds a touch of softness and balance to your facial features. However, if a straight-across look isn’t your thing, curtain bangs are another style that is more effortless to style.

  • A-shaped Bangs

Another bangs style that helps soften the appearance of an angular jawline and wide cheeks is the A-shaped bangs cut. The tapered ends create angles that diffuse the jawline and draw attention to the eyes.

  • Straight-across, Heavy Bangs

Since square-shaped faces have the added benefit of length, they can go for straight-across, heavy bangs that either fall on the brow line or slightly above it. Symmetry is fundamental with long face shapes, and heavy bangs help draw attention to the center of the face and the eyes, but away from the chin.

Bangs Styles for Heart-shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have soft angles, so bangs that elongate the forehead and emphasize the curvature at the tip of the chin suit them best.

  • Wispy Fringe Bangs

This style appears playful yet bold enough to make a chic statement. A wispy fringe with an eyebrow skimming length accentuates the eyes while maintaining the softness of facial features.

  • Curtain Bangs

Another style that suits most heart-shaped faces is the curtain bangs that have longer outer edges compared to the center. It helps add some symmetry to the face and makes it appear more oval.

uvme Hair Wigs- Experiment with hairstyles with ease

Luvme Hair has been a leading source of premium hair products that allow you to experiment with new hairstyles with minimum hassle. Whether you want to invest in a chic lace wig or buy hair bundles for an extra lift of volume, all Luvme Hair products are made from 100% top-quality human hair to ensure good value for money. The brand isn’t limited to retail but also offers professional advice from licensed hairstylists to help you find the perfect style and color.

Although Luvme Hair has a wide variety of colorful wigs, some of their best-selling categories include throw-on-and-go wigs, curly wigs, and glueless wigs. If you are looking for wig options with bangs, they have various bangs styles in almost all categories, such as headband wigs, curly bob wigs, weave wigs with bangs, curtain bang HD lace wigs, etc.

Why Choosing the Right Bangs Style is Important

Bangs are a commitment, so you can’t settle for anything less than face-flattering perfection. If you go down the ‘one-size-fits-all’ road, you might be disappointed with the result. While some fringe styles look great on some faces, there’s no guarantee they will look the same on the next person.

Before you plan a trip to the salon, it’s recommended to do some research and determine which bangs style works better with your face shape. A clear vision will help you accentuate features you want people to look at and draw attention away from your less-favored details. If you are worried they might not suit you, try Luvme Hair’s human hair wig with bangs instead.

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