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3 things you need to check before buying the custom canopy tent

Pop up custom canopy tent are widely used in almost all indoor and outdoor activities. They can provide shade while displaying branding messages. Whether it is a marketing event or a picnic, there is an option for your needs. We use canopy tent a lot on many different occasions, but it is not easy to find one that is cheap and of reliable quality. But be sure to check the following things will help you avoid detours.

Canopy material

There are several different canopy fabrics for options, such as 400d poly, 500d poly and 600d poly. The denier unit (d for short) is used here for the fiber thickness of the individual strands. Typically, higher denier fabrics tend to be thicker and more durable while lower denier fabrics are softer and +silkier. Compared to the 600d poly, the 500d poly is cheaper. However, when considering durability, 600d poly is recommended. In addition to the thickness and durability of the fabric, a few other things need to be taken into consideration when choosing canopy fabrics. Canopy tents are used for both indoor and outdoor events, so it always requires the fabric to be fire retardant, waterproof, and UV protection when making the top of the tent.

Canopy size

If you need other size tents, such as 8x8ft and 20x20ft, you can also find them from a canopy tent supplier. Choosing the right size canopy tent for your event is easy and always depends on the exhibition space you have. The standard 10x10ft canopy tent is specially designed for standard exhibition stands, while the 10x15ft tents and 10×20 tents are widely used for outdoor display. Although many canopies are 10×10 feet in size, they are usually slightly different in model design and actual size. Therefore, if you buy the tent frame and tent top from two different suppliers, the tent top may not match the tent frame. to solve this problem, some suppliers, such as CFM, offer a matching printing service for different types of curtain frames.

Frame material

Aluminum curtain frame is widely used in most occasions. Of course, steel frames are also available when you need them to be heavier. However, most people prefer the aluminum chassis for its lightweight and portable features. If you are concerned that the aluminum frame is not strong enough in windy weather, you can choose sandbags and roped ground spikes to increase the stability of the tent. Have an upcoming event and need a custom canopy tent set? So don’t forget to take a look at the three things mentioned above.

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Pop-Up Canopy Tent by Signleader Display

Custom printed canopies for multiple uses

Many people think they clearly know the demand for the curtain, however, as an expert in textile printing and exhibition products, came wants to go deeper. Therefore, we are hosting a themed contest “on which occasion will you use a canopy tent” to gather ideas on the use of the tent from potential customers. From this contest, we get some ingenious ideas and heartwarming stories about canopy tents. You can buy best tents from Signleader Display . There you can buy tents according to your choice. It will help to choose better thing for your business.

 An effective tool for brand exposure

When asked how you will use the canopy tent, most people told us they will use it to grow their business. With your logo or marketing messages printed on the top of the tent and place it in a place your prospects like to visit. Using the custom canopy to market businesses is one of the most popular options for most people. For a reason, the canopy tent has a spacious print area that allows you to print your logo or contact information on it; for another reason, it can help you mark your marketing area which helps you distinguish your booth from others. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s a local market booth or a trade show exhibition, a custom printed canopy tent is a must.

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2 questions to ask before buying custom display products like Pop-Up Canopy Tent

About the fabric and the printing method

There will always be different requirements in different display occasions. For outdoor events, what you need to consider the most is the durability of the fabric. Although most fabrics for both internal and external use, fabrics with heavier weight and thicker denier are for longer uses. When it comes to the printing method, direct and dye-sub digital printing is two main printing methods and sometimes the fabric you choose determines what type of printing method will be adopted. However, there is one thing you need to know about the printing method, dye-sub can usually produce sharper colors than direct printing while direct printing has better bleeding penetration.

About the delivery time

Although I suggest preparing the fabric displays in advance at the beginning the fact is that there are always some exceptions and sometimes you may urgently need a display tool so in addition to planning ahead, you need to check the weather. You can’t change the scheduled date for the event, but sometimes you can select the urgent service to take the deadline.


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