Best European Roads for a Driving Holiday

Road trips are something that many people find enjoyable. A form of group holiday that can get your friends involved, embarking on an adventure together to see parts of the world that you never have before while navigating unfamiliar territory. Not to mention the journey itself, which can provide highs and lows which engage you, providing you with an experience to look back on and remember fondly.

The first step, after deciding to go in the first place, is knowing where you want to go. Europe is a vast continent with a varied and rich history, so it’s worth considering what it has to offer you and your friends in this regard. It’s worth taking the time and being selective in your approach, though, to avoid biting off more than you can chew.

The Lake District from London

If you feel like seeing a large swathe of England, you might be interested in a journey that takes you from the heart of the country up towards one of its most scenic locations. The lake district is about a five-hour drive from London, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the part of the road trip that focuses on travelling before you’re rewarded with a relaxing destination where you can stay for as long as you like before heading back.

Five hours still might be quite a long time for a single journey, though, and if you’re not behind the wheel, you might be looking for a way to pass this time and engage your brain. Conversation might do the trick, but it’s unlikely to be something that everyone always wants to do. Instead, you might want to entertain yourself, perhaps by visiting a Canadian online casino.

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Something More Coastal

When you’re spending so much of your adventure on the road, you might want to at least ensure that the surroundings you’re travelling past are interesting to look at. It might be difficult to avoid the occasional motorway, but focusing your trip on a coastal road might give you a good chance of consistently beautiful scenery.

With so many European countries finding themselves by the sea, you might be spoilt for choice, but honing in on a country in particular, such as Italy, might draw you to particularly pretty locations and roads, such as Puglia.

A City Tour

While the countries of Europe are certainly varied, they are also very tightly packed together, meaning that if you’re ambitious enough, you could see plenty of these iconic cityscapes in a relatively short space of time. This not only gives you the opportunity to see a wide variety of countries, cities, and landscapes in between your stops, but it also means that whenever you do stop, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities.

If this is something that you would be interested in, you might want to start somewhere iconic, such as Paris. Alternatively, if you’re looking to travel to plenty of cities, you might want to start somewhere relatively central, such as Stuttgart or Munich.


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