Best Free Project Management Software in 2022

Project management is one of the most reputed and trendy positions nowadays. But before passing on the software used by project management, let us first understand what project management is. 

The art of organizing all the features of the operation, from the idea to the closure, is what project management is. The job is done using special framed methods. But it is important to remember that not every task can be considered a project. A project has the purpose of creating something a new product or service. And the everyday activities and tasks of employees of the company cannot be considered projects. 

Many leading companies are willing to hire a project manager and to pay him a lot for his services. In this article, read about the best free project management software to use this year. 

1. Timely

When managing a project, it is essential to manage the project the way that it is delivered on time. Timely is a tool that tracks the timing of your project. It captures all the time that is put on the execution: it tracks all the separate tasks of different employees. The budget that is spent on the project can also be traced by this tool. Also, comments can be made on different tasks and shared with partners. 

2. Zoom

An excellent platform for conference meetings that is majorly used by project managers is Zoom. Its free version is suitable enough for many companies to use. Though it has a paid version too, that is used by companies with big teams. However, its free version is fairly good and easy to use and is very much used for e-commerce development. With this, you can discuss different topics such as BigCommerce Etsy integration for your eCommerce store, brainstorming ideas, and other things.

3. Slack 

The leading companies surely use such tools like a real estate chatbot and ads manager for communication with customers. But Slack is used for internal communication of the organization’s team. It is for the teams who need to discuss some ideas on projects and do not want to spam the people who are not involved in that particular project with various emails. In case you need specific info from a message that was written previously, you can easily search it in the conversation. 

4. Trello

Another free project management software is Trello. It is very easy to use for task distribution, tracking their progress, and leaving reports on them. You can set deadlines for projects and then move them to other sections, where they have to be viewed by other employees. 

5. Google Docs

Google Docs is a perfect alternative tool to Microsoft Office. It has all the features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and is very easy and fun to use. Plus, writing and keeping the information in the cloud is much safer, and there is no need to save the document all the time, as in Microsoft Office’s case. All you need to do is to enter your Google Account. 


Project management needs some of this software to actually get the project delivered and some of them to make the work processes easier. Do not hesitate to get acquainted with these tools in case you plan to get into project management. 

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