Best Ingredients You Need to Look for in Pre-Workout Supplements

Good quality pre-workout supplements should have a combination of the best ingredients to help boost your energy for your workout. Several pre-workout supplements carry the same ingredients, but it is essential for you to know what each does.

Here is a rundown of each ingredient that is important for a good and effective pre-workout supplement:

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Beta-alanine is a type of beta-amino acid that stimulates production of carnosine. The latter is found in muscle tissues and helps build endurance. It also prevents muscle fatigue because it can act as a buffering instrument in your muscles. Beta-alanine  can help you lift longer and gives you room to explore weights heavier than ones you would normally lift.


Caffeine is another base ingredient found in several pre-workout supplements such as Redcon Total War mainly because it works the best. As an ingredient, it is known to boost physical performance, increase focus, and burn fat. This is one of the reasons why black coffee beverages are also popular.


Arginine is an amino acid that augments nutrient delivery and increases nitric oxide production in the bloodstream. It is also useful in dilating blood vessels for easier flow and absorption.


Citrulline is another ingredient that boosts nitric oxide production in your body. This helps improve your overall blood flow and allows your heart to function more efficiently. Besides this, citrulline helps you reduce fatigue and prevents soreness by stopping the ammonia from taking over your muscles.

Agmatine Sulphate

Agmatine sulphate has proven to be essential in increasing nitric oxide production and giving the body short-term strength boosts. It also helps stimulate the central nervous system, which increases the overall focus and longevity of the workout session.


Theanine becomes an essential part of a pre-workout supplement because it helps with mental relaxation. When your mind is at ease, it helps you improve concentration and focus on your fitness and health goals. Consuming a pre workout supplement with a significant amount of Theanine can help you hit a mental peak while you train.


Glycerol only serves a singular function which is fluid control. It helps your muscle and blood vessels absorb more water as you hydrate so that they can achieve fullness and decrease your thirst while working out.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the individual ingredients found in pre-workout supplements have gone through extensive research ever since pre-workout supplements became popular in the market. Most pre-packaged, pre-workout supplements have a combination of the main ingredients we discussed above.

If long-lasting endurance exercises are your goal, you should focus on pre-workout supplements with higher levels of caffeine and beta-alanine. However, for shorter, more intense activities, caffeine and citrulline may be a better option to overcome the burning muscle sensation.

Of course, if your training or workout session has a combination of different exercises, you may want to try out different pre-workout supplements to see what works best for you. Either way, knowing your pre-workout supplement ingredients gives you a head start!

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