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Online marketing differs extensively from traditional marketing techniques. Thorough knowledge of SEO must compete for the best spot with other websites and blogs in a crowded digital environment. Keyword ranking tracker is still one of the most effective tools for marketing and widespread advertisement. Keyword rank tracking is essential to writing SEO articles or blogs. Internet is never asleep information exchange going on even now as you are reading these words. Articles move up and down the ranks in search engine pages in a few hours only, unlike the newspaper where the front page article remains on the front page only. For an article to show up on the first page of a search engine and maintain its position there, it is important to keep track of the trend. This is where the keyword rank trackers come in handy. Software developers are building efficient codes to provide the writers with the best keyword rank checker tool.

What is SERP?

SERP is an abbreviation ofthe Search Engine Results Page. It displays your search results. SEO articles on the first page are those which are very popular, credible, and most relevant. SEO article writers and bloggers aim to get their website on top of the SERP.

Benefits of using trendy keywords in your article-

  • Appears in SERPs and moves up in rank in search engines- This increases visibility and builds credibility that interests the crowd even more.
  • Using popular keywords in your articles makes them more accessible and visible to users in this digital sea containing a plethora of articles.
  • Relevance to the demand of the majority of the population increases, and your article, website, or product keeps up with competition and the latest trends.
  • Editing the article by updating it with top-ranking keywords renews it, and the article might become popular again.
  • It is free and most widespread marketing- the Internet has become even more accessible to people. Its reachability isbroad and deep-rooted. A trend on the internet tops any successful marketing campaign.
  • You can track keywords popular in different local regions to enter new markets.

Features of best keyword rank tracking software

  • Searches high traffic keywords and lists them- Usage of these keywords in your article will divert the traffic to your website or article, thus popularising your article and improving its ranking.
  • Hunts for not only the most trendy but also the relevant keywords too.
  • Keyword rank tracker tracks your competition and analyses its organic search.
  • It efficiently and easily compares articles across the internet to list down the most popular keywords most relevant to the demands of most people.

Google is undoubtedly the most popularly used search engine. “Googling” a topic means searching about it on the internet. This shows the dominance and unhindered clientele it has built for itself. It has developed its brand value such that it is the first thing that naturally comes to mind if someone wants to surf the internet.

Zutrix is one of the best keyword rank tracking software –

  • Allows tracking keyword rankings on Google for free and unlimited.
  • Track 10 keywords from unlimited domains and receive ten on-demand appraisals per day for free.
  • Get real-time notifications and never miss a chance.
  • Zutrix’s tracking software uses modern methods and techniques for finer assessment of Google search results.
  • Integration of AI has significantly increased search precision, thus making the process reliable to make informed business decisions.

Be the diamond in the dust

This should be your aim and motto if you are in the online content writing field. Internet is a sea which has plenty of articles just like fish. To sail through, you need nothing but the best keyword rank tracking software, and Zutrix, with its sophisticated framework, provides you simple and transparent solutions to boost your rank and increase your SERP visibility. It is complementary and therefore accessible to all.

If you are a professional in this field, then you can purchase the premium plan of Zutrix. It is cheap and comes with abundant advantageous features such as increased keyword search, detailed SERP analysis report, deep insights into rank comparison, etc.


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