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Best Options to Create an Online Quiz

Quizzing is a must part of learning and so are the online quiz makers. Be a student, a researcher, a marketer, if you are someone whose work is to deliver any form of knowledge, the importance of a quiz cannot be stressed more. It not only helps you assess how much your audience has retained but is a fun and engaging way to keep their attention on what you are delivering.

This is why in addition to attractive presentations that glue the attention of the listeners and watchers to the screen, an engaging quiz lets you understand and know much about everything from knowledge retention to what the replier has on the back of their mind.

Without further jotting down what the advantages of this method are, let’s dwell directly into the exploration of the best options when it comes to creating one online no matter what field you are from.


This is specifically designed for teachers to assess the learning level and the retention ability of their students. Whether you are a tech-savvy teacher or not the tool is designed to promote easy use with minimum effort.

With simple instructional design and a multitude of options, it is a tool that can be used by others as well for the same purpose but with a different line of work. All it does for you is to create a winning test session using diverse options and an updated platform with zero charges.

Some of the features offered by Quizlet are as under:

  • Different question templates i.e. MCQs, audio button, written answer
  • Flashcard format
  • Options to create mini-games
  • Options for differently-abled people
  • Premade study sets for various topics
  • A Learning Assistant backend


This is a complete learning management program with an online quiz maker as an additional option. Using EdApp on your mobile phone, you can take and engage in the class at any time from anywhere.

With its diverse options, this app has utility in the fields like hospitality, construction, manufacturing, retail, and more in addition to schools and universities. Use the Rapid Refresh tool which is a test maker designed to check the team’s understanding and reinforce the learning.

To set up questions you need to complete a spreadsheet and you will get access to editable reporting. So what if offers are summed up here in this section.

  • Upload questions to a spreadsheet and prepare the test
  • More than 50 templates
  • Create completion certificates
  • Options for game integration
  • Auto grading, scoring, and dashboard analytics
  • In-app customization and branding
  • Translation of content into hundred plus languages
  • Diverse questioning template: MCQs, games, direct questions
  • Option to integrate images etc.
  • Accessibility to groups
  • Adjustable time settings for turning in the test
  • Compatibility across diverse devices
  • Create reports and analytics

Quiz Maker

This is another tool that is free and can be used for multiple purposes with the outcome you intend to have. With a simple-to-use interface, this is one of the best among online quiz makers.

The features are summed up here.

  • Various quiz types include personality, graded, surveys, polls, trivia, etc.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Time settings for the assessment
  • Variety of customizable themes to select from
  • Create completion certificate
  • Integrate third-party tools to make the assessment more interesting and attractive.


This is another quiz maker to create tests. Its utility is mostly for business-based areas. Nevertheless, with the customization option, you can use it for various other uses. Such as deploying it for personal use or for your institution.

The major features offered by Interact are as follows.

  • More than 800 templates to choose from
  • Scored, personality, assessment, and other quiz types
  • Option for branding customization
  • Feature for segmentation
  • Built-in GDPR compliance
  • Analytics
  • Promotional Assistance

Online Quiz maker


You can use ClassMarker in many ways. Use it for your educational institution or in business promotion and training. This free tool has many things to offer you.

With a web-based test maker, you can deploy it for various purposes based on your needs and requirements.

  • Some of the best options on ClassMarker include:
  • Create surveys, quizzes, or other forms
  • Flexible branding customization option available
  • Editable completion certificates
  • No requirement for software download and installation
  • Changeable user access (keep private or make public)
  • Data security with per hour backup on a secure server
  • Option for Analytics
  • Compatibility with various devices


If you are short of time and want to create an amazing questionnaire for your audience or students, it is time to explore EdBase for you. This is one of the best online quiz makers made for this purpose. This means you can just drag and drop items from the set of questions and rearrange them in any given order.

This means every quizzer attending the session gets a different format of questions to answer. Here you are able to integrate media and set a time limit among other things.

The major features are:

  • Drag and drop question
  • Rearrange the questions in any order to randomize the quiz
  • Add media such as videos and pictures
  • Set a time limit
  • Lock the learner’s screen after time is up
  • Add up to 10 candidates and use 20 test templates free for each month.

Final Words

These are the best online quiz makers that you can use to create some interesting and testing quizzes for your students or other audience. For ideas about questions and answers for your next quiz, you can visit and get some ideas for free.


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