Best PHP books in 2021

PHP is a classical and very applicable programming language. Some believe that it is a bit dated, however, PHP remains one of the most popular tools for web development. Most of the websites you’ve heard about were probably designed via PHP. It is also useful while developing mobile native applications. Among the rest, it is a really nice language for beginners. Its awesome and easy-to-understand frameworks really simplify projects’ development.  Since it is so popular among the developers there is no wonder that 80% of all web projects are done with PHP. No wonder that the literature dedicated to this vital language is really popular among thousands of developers around the world. 

Top 3 books on core PHP for beginners

To begin with let us see, what a beginner can read in order to become aware of the basic PHP features. 

The Joy of PHP: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Interactive Web Applications with PHP and MySQL by Alan Forbes

The book begins exploring with basic HTML introduction. This helps the neophyte to catch up quickly, and then gradually moves on to general principles of PHP work. The book is really helpful if you want to start with basic things, such as creating and running simple codes and modifying web pages written on PHP. The book tells about installing and configuring PHP, basic PHP syntax, and its management structures. It will make you familiar with PHP database usage and give many more useful tips.

Programming PHP: creating dynamic web pages by K.Tatroe and P.MacIntyre 

A very good introductory book for those, who are interested in web development, but haven’t mastered some basics yet. Although it is also useful for specialists, who have already worked on numerous PHP projects. 

Mastering PHP 7 by Branko Ajzele

Mastering PHP 7 is another guide on PHP that in the first instance focuses on teaching basic PHP skills and then mastering them step by step. As can be seen from the book’s name it  is about PHP 7. Hence, it devotes a separate section for explanation of all the specific changes made to PHP 7 in comparison to older versions. Although, this book assumes that the reader is familiar with the basics of programming. Apart from dynamic websites development, this book tells us about such pretty advanced topics as server-free and reactive programming.

Top 3 books on PHP frameworks 

“Laravel: Up & Running: A Framework for Building Modern PHP Apps” by M.Stauffer

Laravel is an advanced yet user-friendly PHP framework that stresses simplicity and speed – great features for dynamic web applications development. It has lately become one of the most demanded PHP frameworks among both experienced and neophyte developers. The book explores each Laravel’s aspect ensuring that the reader understands all the concepts, including Blade template engine and ORM for databases management. 

“Professional CodeIgniter” by Thomas Myer

Just like Laravel CodeIgniter is a popular, fast and flexible PHP framework based on the MVC pattern. Professional CodeIgniter by Thomas Myer gives you an overview of the use of MVC framework in developing dynamic web applications, and the use of helpers in your project. This book teaches you CodeIgniter through different. In addition the book provides you an overview of the Agile methodology.

“Symfony 5: The Fast Track” by Fabien Potencier

Symfony is the richest PHP web application framework that perfectly suits huge and complicated projects with complicated back- and front-end. It exists in the form of reusable PHP components that let you to develop dynamic web applications, and APIs. This book, written by Symfony’s creator, Fabien Potencier, explains some of the latest Symphony’s features and helps you build a web application in Symfony 5 from scratch as well as deploy it to the server. It is a great practical guide for building advanced web software with Symphony. 

The Final Word

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