Best Smartwatch For Calls And Texting

Fitness goals can be achieved with the help of a smartwatch. But what if the smartwatch can also text? It would be like “killing two birds with one stone”.

Sometimes, when you don’t have your smartphone, or it’s dead, you realize the necessity of a smartwatch with calling and texting capabilities. During exercise or at the gym, such smart watches also allow you to take calls and respond to texts.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the few smartwatches that totally impresses as well as the previous model. Even I, with my more minimalist fashion sensibilities, was constantly fiddling with the watch since there is so much to do. In other words, it’s like a toy for adults – if you’re like me and you love gadgets as much as I do, you won’t stop checking the watch out and discovering its features!

Let’s get to the details. The Galaxy Watch 3 offers multiple styles, so you can customize it to suit your taste. Two sizes are available (ideal for both men and women) and three colors are available.

 However, each new Android smartwatch comes with a military-grade watch face. If you accidentally slam the watch into the wall (guilty as charged), it won’t completely break.

It’s also a great watch for running, even in inclement weather, because it’s water-resistant. The device can do all of this even with a battery that lasts for over 24 hours on a single charge. Granted, it’s not the best smartwatch battery life you can find, but it’s definitely enough to satisfy most people.

2- Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 lets you text like a pro. I like that about it. Alexa, the built-in voice assistant, allows you to reply using text-to-voice.

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It is also possible to increase or decrease the volume of calls, so the calling experience is superb. This is the best smartwatch for making and receiving calls and texts.


There are a lot of fitness features, workout modes, and sports modes on this smartwatch, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

You can realize your fitness dream with a lot of premium features. You can get a deeper understanding of your sleep with this smartwatch’s sleep tracking feature.

Despite this, there is a real-time heart rate monitor, steps counter, and calories counter. There are more than 1000 advanced and premium exercises that help you perform your exercises more accurately. Real-time exercise stats are easily viewed with the always-on display.

Thanks to Fitbit, you can get a GPS system in a $145 smartwatch. You can now measure distance and track routes. Additionally, you can use Fitbit Versa 2 for adventures, hiking, swimming, running, cycling, etc. The device is sleek and comfortable.

Its smart app gives you a very deep analysis of your fitness activities, which surprised many people. Occasionally, you may run into connectivity problems.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Many of us aren’t interested in super-expensive smartwatches, and I can’t blame you! I usually opt for gadgets and devices that are good enough rather than those that are top-notch, especially since cutting-edge gadgets tend to have a few bugs or kinks. 

As a result, I present the Galaxy Watch Active: an Android smartwatch with many of the same features as the last but without the hefty price tag.

It is also a watch that is designed more straightforwardly for fitness enthusiasts. You can tell this by the fact that it can detect up to six exercises while you’re moving, plus it tracks your results or progress for up to 39 more. This is the perfect choice for crossfitters or regular gym-goers who want to track their progress as they gain weight or shed pounds.

It can also help you sleep better by analyzing your sleep patterns and setting automatic alarms to help you fall asleep at the same time every night.

 Most modern sleep research indicates that setting a regular bedtime (and not staying on the computer until midnight) can improve your sleep quality, so this is a great feature that more smartwatches should offer.

If it detects a low heart rate, it can send you real-time alerts. If you have a heartbeat irregularity and your doctor has advised you to keep an eye on the anomaly for the foreseeable future, this is a great pick.

4. Fitbit Sense Advanced

The features it offers are highly advanced, despite its low price. I personally love the Fitbit brand after Apple because it also cares about the needs of its customers and provides excellent products.

Sense comes with built-in Alexa that makes calling and texting more convenient. It’s the best smartwatch for texting because it has a text to voice feature.

A lot of fitness-minded users are confused to buy the best affordable smartwatch that offers them a lot of premium features designed specifically for fitness lovers. My recommendation is the Fitbit Sense Advanced.

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Here you will find some extra features not found on other smartwatches. Firstly, this smartwatch provides you with a smart stress management system that notifies you when your body needs a break. In addition, the watch measures ECG via its app, which you need to install before you can use it.

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Furthermore, you will be able to measure the skin temperature, which is very important. Similarly, the sleep tracking feature is unique and very smart, providing deep insight and analytics that allow you to improve your sleep. In addition, you will also find common fitness features.

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