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Best Tools To Compress PDF

With almost everyone who seems to be in need to turn digital, there is now plenty of stuff being replaced with an electronic version of it. For example, schools now prefer using ebooks compared to physical books. Aside from the fact that children do not need to carry heavy books, the tablets used to read these ebooks have plenty of things that they can do.

In the same example, these books can consume a large chunk of the device’s memory. Not just in schools, but many offices find it hard to deal with digital files that have bigger file sizes. The good thing is, there is now an option to compress pdf. These are just a few of the websites that can reduce pdf size in just a number of clicks.


From the basic to advanced features, 2pdf has a number of pdf tools that one can find handy. It does not require any software to be installed or mobile apps to download. Just visit the website using an internet browser on your phone and get things done. The compress PDF function is easy to use and does not require complicated steps. Start by uploading the pdf file to be compressed and choose the quality you wish to have as a result. Just wait for the website to finish processing, then you can proceed with downloading the finished file.


This website is powered by Wondershare, one of the world’s comprehensive digital solutions websites. The process is almost the same with 2PDF.com, where it starts by uploading, choosing a resolution, and download the compressed file. If the instructions found on the page seem unclear, there is a YouTube video link provided. However, free access is limited to 2 tasks per day with a maximum file size of 10MB (up to 50 pages only). If you need to edit a larger file, you have to pay for a premium plan where the price starts at US$6 monthly. Aside from PDF tools (from HiPDF), Wondershare also has different tools for multimedia editing.


When you visit the compress PDF page of SmallPDF, it looks similar to the one from 2PDF.com. All PDF tools available online also seem to have the same ways to upload a file, but this has one unique option. Users who are subscribed to the PRO plan can upload a file from another device that used the same login credentials for Smallpdf. The free plan will automatically compress the file that was uploaded, while those in the paid subscription can make changes on the desktop version.

Though compressing a PDF file seems relatively easy, these three tools make it much easier. These websites also assure the users’ security as they do not give access to any person or to a third-party company. Just make sure to always keep an original file – compressing PDF is an irreversible process.






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