Best Ways to Care Shoes While You Are At Home

We spend a lot of time in our houses, but our shoes are usually forgotten because we don’t wear them around the house. So here are some simple and quick shoe care tips for when you’re relaxing at home and want to keep your shoes looking new until the next time you hit the pavement.

Effective Shoe Care Tips:

  • Protect your socks and your feet

Have you observed any markings or stains on your socks or feet as a result of your footwear? As per shoe cobbler, you can avoid this with a simple hack that you can use at home. Spread talcum or baby powder freely on the inside, then wash away the excess using a cloth. Your feet will glide right in, with no marks or stains behind.

  • Regenerated leather 

So this kind of shoe is formed of animal leather. So naturally, it’ll become hard and damaged if not properly cared for. But, while watching your favourite television show, you can rapidly and effortlessly repair weary, aged leather. Shoe cobbler suggests removing the laces and using Shoe Cream to moisten the material, give new life, and restore its colour and shine.

  • Whiten the soles of your sneakers 

Soles grow dirty and stained over time because they continually connect the soil, especially white. Shoe cleaner removes stains and dirt from your soles, restoring them to close condition.

  • Eliminate odours 

Is there a persistent odour from your front door as a result of worn-out shoes? Is it difficult to go by your front door’s footgear because of the smell? Many deodorisers cover the stench, get to the base of the problem, and try a cleaner with cleaning capabilities and eliminate odours, including sweat. Consider whether odour will be a problem while buying footwear. Because of the synthetic materials utilised, low-cost models are more likely to smell bad over time. Natural materials, including leather and cotton, are more odour-resistant.

  • Dry wet shoes in a safe way

Have you ever been caught in the rain? If not dried completely, wet sneakers create a foul odour. Using heat on the material is not recommended because it can harm it. Instead, stuff a cotton bag with rice inside and absorb the moisture out. Add a few drops of essential oils if you have them on hand.

  • Put your shoes on correctly 

If you’re having trouble getting the back of your foot into your shoe, you risk ruining the material and shortening the life of your shoes. The best solution is a shoehorn, although any plastic card would do. But don’t use your AMEX; instead, use an old library or video card if you have one.

  • Rub out stains on suede 

In most cases, all you need is a simple eraser to put suede back to life, as it will break off in the fibres and attach itself to dirt before dislodging and taking the dirt with it.

  • Alternate pairs 

You’ll want to give your shoes time to breathe somewhere between wearings. So let it sit for several hours before putting your shoes in the darkest corners of your closet.

  • Clean the insides

If a smell is an issue, this is especially important. Using alcohol or drops of tea tree oil, an antifungal weapon, swab them. To avoid ruining the leather, take care not to splash.

I hope you like these shoe care tips and help you to care for your shoes. If you are thinking of hiring someone for your shoe care, then Hello Laundry is the perfect choice for your shoe care. Good thing when you are home and you expect complete shoe care, then their shoe repair service provider on-time delivery with excellent shoe care.


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