Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash

AviaGames Expands to UK Mobile Gaming Market with the Popular

AviaGames, the popular mobile casino-game developer whose apps regularly top the Apple Store charts, has announced that it will be expanding into the UK market! On January 20th, two of AviaGames’ most popular titles, Solitaire Clash and Bingo Tour, will be available to download for all UK-based iOS users! For the first time ever, users beyond North America will be able to enjoy some of the best skill-based, multiplayer, real-money games on the market. Solitaire Clash and Bingo Tour are unique competitive online-multiplayer variations of the classic games Solitaire and Bingo; if you love those games, you can harness your love and skill to begin earning real cash prizes!

While AviaGames titles have come to be quite popular among mobile gamers in North America, a quick rundown for curious newcomers from across the pond may be in order. AviaGames specializes in the development of Skill-based competitive spin-offs of classic games. Players are matched against real opponents of a similar skill level and given identical games, so for example, in solitaire: both players will have all the cards laid out in precisely the same way, and the decks will also be ordered identically. Since all else is equal, the player with the faster reflexes and ability to complete a game in fewer moves will score faster and higher. This formula repeats for all AviaGames titles, whether it’s Solitaire, Bingo, or future titles yet to be released like 21Gold or Tile Blitz. Speed and strategy are the keys to victory!

What do a player’s skills and superior strategy win them? Real money prizes! All AviaGames matches are played for real cash prizes. You can play for as little or as much as you like, and there are regular multiplayer tournaments with huge cash stakes up for grabs! If players would rather not endure the stress of staking real cash on a game, they can opt to play the free mode instead. All AviaGames titles include a free mode, where players can stake an in-game currency called “Tickets” or “Gems”. Tickets in Bingo Tour, and Gems in Solitaire Clash, act just like real money and allow players to enjoy all the benefits of the competitive online world of AviaGames, with none of the financial risk and reward of a cash-prize game. Money is handled only with trusted vendors such as PayPal, so players can feel confident that their money is handled with the utmost care during the secured withdrawal process.

AviaGames has already taken North America by storm. Soon, the UK will know why AviaGames titles are consistently at or near the top ranking Casino-style games on the apple app store. On January 20th, head on over to the iOS app store, download Solitaire Clash and Bingo Tour, and start raking in your massive winnings with AviaGames’ legitimate cash games! Check out the links at the bottom of the article for more information!

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