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Boost your marketing campaign using email QR codes

84.3% of consumers check their email at least once daily, and 58% check their email first thing in the morning. This is one reason why emails are essential to any marketing campaign.

Marketers can brainstorm and create highly engaging email campaigns. The problem, though, lies in accumulating email addresses and keeping them subscribed to your newsletter.

Luckily, they can make use of today’s leading digital solutions such as QR codes to optimize and maximize their campaigns.

With a reliable QR code generator online tool, you can easily create powerful QR codes and add them to your emails.

Uses of QR codes in email campaigns

QR codes are a great way to condense huge information into a small space, making them ideal for use in email marketing campaigns.

Instead of scrolling through the entire email, your readers can simply scan the QR code to instantly find the relevant information, be it an offer or an update.

Below are some of the best uses of QR codes in email:

Use QR Codes to reveal promotional coupons

Customers signing up for your email list typically expect some incentive in exchange for their contact information.

You can incorporate a personalized coupon that reveals the discount when the user scans the QR code to encourage them to shop with you.

This is helpful especially if you own a retail store or an e-commerce site.

Effective call-to-action

Include a call to action (CTA) in an email QR code to encourage your customers to engage in your marketing campaign

Suppose someone opens your email and wants to learn more. They can scan the QR code in the email to have them immediately contact you.

This eliminates the need for a written reply and allows the recipient to quickly express their interest in hearing more. It will increase user participation and efficiency.

Generate tickets to public events

Including QR Codes in event invites and ticket confirmation emails allow attendees to gain entry quickly and easily. They can simply show the code on their mobile device.

It also makes it much simpler for event planners to monitor the flow of people through their venues since dynamic QR codes are trackable.

QR codes on your business cards

Make a business card with a QR code and fill it with relevant information about your company, including links to your website, a portfolio, an app download option, and the latest products.

Users can quickly access all the information they need to get in touch with you or learn more about your company by scanning the corresponding QR code.

Scan to send an email

You can also use the QR code to instantly connect your scanning consumers to your customer support if they have any questions or concerns.

When they scan the QR code, they will land on the ‘Compose Email page of their device’s email app. Your customer support email address is then pre-filled on the recipient box.

Build and expand your email list with QR codes today

Email marketers can use QR codes for emails in various ways. If you plan on using them for your email marketing campaign, it’s highly suggested that you use dynamic QR codes.

Use the most sophisticated software as QRTIGER in creating QR codes for your emails and boost your email open and click-through rates.


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