Bridal Dresses Trends 2021

This year, we have seen many new trends, but trends and styles of bridal gowns and dresses remain at the top.

We’ve looked into the new and latest bridal, readymade collections and wedding dress alterations options to help you choose your wedding dress for this or next year’s wedding party. From new and fresh colors to trends of 2021, this guide to dressing has it all for upcoming weddings.

1. Bold yet Playful Prints: This trend is not just floral and pops of color. After 2020, 2021 is everything bold and playful that makes us smile & shine. It is rather done in very chic & new ways. This is for that bride who wants to screams caution once lockdowns are lifted, and gatherings commence again.

If you’re a person who wants to have fun & play with fashion; and wants to dress up for the epic wedding ceremony, then this is it for you!

2. Bold Shoulders:

This has been picked up from the 80s. The new bold shoulders are another big fashion yes this wedding season. Puff sleeves or balloon sleeves give your body a great posture and appearance. At the same time, blouson sleeves give a more romantic & edgy look.

Bold shoulders give a dreamy look to the entire outfit while also giving it a daring touch. It is a highly different pattern from the regular strapless and plunging neckline designs.

3. Cool Tones: Blush has become the main trend in 2021, unlike 2020, along with shades of champagne & ginger. In 2021 we see lavender, dove, and blue shades in all forms, from full-length gowns to short dresses. It seems as if these cool yet feminine tones will stay longer in the bridal color family.

4. Laces: Laces are the biggest bridal necessity. It has evolved a lot from traditional to modern designs. From laser-cut laces to statement designs and all the other embroidered and dimensional options included, the laces were worn in numerous new ways in the latest 2021 collections.

Whether you are up for a ball gown or an A-line gown, there’s a new lace design that’s just classic and suits any & every style. The new, inspired by nature floral laces look effortless and outdoorsy. At the same time, the lacy graphic designs give a modern look to a metropolitan wedding season and event.

Make your veil feel like a gown with this new lacy trend, and make sure that it still looks authentic rather than overwhelming.

5. Stars & Sparkles: Sparkles & Shimmers always looks chic and is a statement in itself. In 2021, the subtle shine was the highlight, as it feels like a night sky, unlike all the glamorous glitz. These gowns & dresses are the limelight of every celebration. They dazzle as you walk in. Pair this look with shimmery accessories and call it a day.

6. Bohemian: This year, boho bridal fashion is back. And unlike past years, in 2021, it is back with a bang. Bishop sleeves, empire waist & and overall ease complete this look.

Each designer did a tremendous and effortless yet chic job while keeping the look modern and trendy. This is for the bride looking to bring out her inner romantic without having to look highly festive.

This season bought in a whim of new trends. While few were a new transformation of the existing classic silhouettes, others were ravishingly new and unexpected. This season of bridal dresses took into account the current climate conditions & situations while giving us a tremendously stylish feel & experience. It was also encountered that this year brides chose comfort over fashion with lacy jumpsuits & pantsuits.

Fashion trends do come back again with style and so do wedding dresses.


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