Business Text Messaging Mastery for Effective Communication

Smartphones have changed the way that most people communicate with each other. Writing letters was once the most popular form of communication, but it was replaced first with calls, then by messaging, which is the most convenient way of instantly talking to someone, especially if it’s a short message. In other words, messages and SMS texts are tailored for use in businesses and can help you gain advantages when trying to run your day-to-day schedule. Keep reading to find out how to master this form of communication.

1-   Mention the most important information

When you’re using a text messaging platform to conduct business and coordinate with colleagues, you’ll need to understand how to properly and professionally make a text message. In order to be efficient, the most necessary information has to be mentioned, and the text has to be kept short and brief. An advantage of using messages is that they can be made and read rapidly, but not if you bloat the message with irrelevant information. Tell the person you’re messaging the main reason, and any time and other facts if you’re planning a meeting or get-together. You should also be careful not to be too personal, as some people may consider it inappropriate.

2-   Use messaging for reminders.

Messages work great in a number of ways, but mainly because they’re easy to read in a rush. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you should use messages to send reminders to anyone you need to rapidly. If you’re planning on holding an important meeting, you can send a short text to remind your colleagues, and if you’re working with multiple vendors and other clients, you’ll be able to remind them about payments or other smaller tasks that you need to get done together. Texts are easy to read and not as daunting or professional as emails, so they’re easier to work with.

3-   Consider marketing to customers

An innovative idea that many companies are taking advantage of is using text messages, especially SMS services, to market to customers. Most people in the world have phones that are capable of receiving texts, and sending them messages is an easy and inexpensive way to market your business. Suppose you’re trying to attract a particular customer group, like older people who don’t have social media accounts. In that case, SMS is a great way to deliver a targeted ad that contains most of the information you need to put across. It’s also great if you need to advertise rapidly, announcing new deals and promotions whenever you need to.

4-   Use professional language

If you’re beginning to depend on texts and messages to communicate within your business and even to promote it, you’ll need to make sure to use professional language. Using appropriate language is important whenever you’re communicating with colleagues. Still, texts, especially, are more problematic, as you can’t convey the tone of your message effectively most of the time, leading to more misunderstandings. Professional language includes using distant language that’s warm but not too personal and only information relevant to what you’re talking about.

5-   Use software to manage your messages better

If you’ve shifted to mostly using texts and messages within your business, you might find it more useful to use a software manager to take control of all of your messages. The biggest and best providers out there, SlickText, for instance, use automated SIM managers that send out texts routinely, so you’ll never miss a message. These software services are even more convenient if you’re using them for marketing to customers or communicating with vendors so that you can send timely messages with updated information about any promotions. You can even integrate other systems you have running, like e-commerce platforms, if you have a website.


Messaging is a unique method of communication. Most texts that are sent around the world contain only essential information and are a few sentences long at most. This is why it’s important to know exactly when to use this form of communication and when you can apply it to your business to make your life easier. It’s best used to convey short and important reminders or messages that can be seen by your coworkers instantly or to market in an unintrusive way to potential customers. Using the information in this article, you’ll be able to use messaging to change the way you conduct your business.


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