As the trend of health care is becoming more and more popular, users are increasingly turning to smart watches. And if you notice that many leading watch brands are producing more and more watches of this type, including the Huawei Watch GT, which was launched in October, is another smart watch with health features. In this review, the author has been using the Huawei Watch GT for a week like a normal user didn’t go to the gym that there are interesting points and how different from the Apple Watch that has been used before.

Round dial, like a leading watch

The round face of the Huawei Watch GT is available in two sizes: 42 mm and 46 mm. The reviewed model is the Classic version; the 46 mm leather strap has a control button on the right side of the face only. By the size of the 42 mm dial, it looks suitable for women and men with small arms, while 46 mm. The case is considered as large as a Casio watch. Therefore, it looks more suitable for people with large arms. Part of the control button the top button is used to bring up various menus, while the bottom button is a shortcut to bring up a set of apps. The underside of the housing is where the sensor is embedded and the charging point is used to measure the pulse. The speakers are installed on the same side as the control buttons. On the opposite side is a microphone that can be used to talk on the phone.

Changing the watch strap can slide the latch at the base of the strap and pull the original strap out. The Huawei Watch GT 2 uses a 22 mm strap in addition to a leather watch strap. There will be a rubber strap and a metal strap for additional purchase. If you want to buy huawei watch online in best price and know about huawei watch gt price than click on the highlighted link and visit our online store where you can buy this watch in cheap price. You will get various features in it. Also included in the box is a wireless charger for the watch and a USB-C cable each.

The battery lasts up to 1 week

Huawei claims that Watch GT can be used continuously for 2 weeks (14 days). The author tested the battery fully and tried it out. During use, there are periodic notifications from social and chat apps, as well as receiving some calls from the watch. After a week, the battery has dropped to 30%, on average the battery has dropped about 10. % per day If it continues to be used, it is expected that the Huawei Watch GT 2 will run out of battery on the 10th, although it’s not as long as Huawei claims, but it can be used for a long time. The author thinks that if it will be used for as long as Huawei claims, is to turn off various notifications, including answering calls left by the watch, it will help it last longer. When the battery runs out, it will be fully charged in about an hour only.

Function and control

Huawei Watch GT pairing with a smartphone must only be done through the Huawei Health app, and the app will also force users to install additional Huawei Mobile Services through the Huawei Health app, including firmware updates of the watch will also be done through the app. After connecting the watch to the mobile phone the notification bar will have a bar showing the body’s metabolism. It counts in kilocalories (kcal) and counts the user’s steps. But both values ​​shown are more averages. Because the author tried to remove the watch and take only the mobile phone, the app still counts the steps.

  1. In Huawei Health, there are 4 main categories for users to choose from: Health to view a summary of personal health data, Exercise fitness functions, and devices used to pair with smartphones and load music to the watch via Bluetooth or change. Dial and Me for general settings
  2. On the watch, swiping from the bottom edge of the screen opens to view notifications. Swiping from the top to bottom edge will open the watch control bar. Choose from 5 commands, namely, Do Not Disturb (No Disturb), Show Time, Find Phone easier to find, Alarm that vibrates when it’s time to wake up, Settings shortcut to set the clock.
  3. Swiping from the left or right edge will change from the watch face to a heart rate graph, stress graph. (Presumably measured by heart rhythm), weather and temperature in the area we’re in, a music player (Music) and Activity records feature that combines a step count, stand-up reminder, and exercise log. Keep your body together, like on Apple Watch, is a feature that helps users avoid sitting in a chair for long periods of time that can be detrimental to their health.
  4. Changing the watch face works the same way as the Apple Watch: change the app connected to the watch or taps and holds the screen for a few seconds and select Change. And there are many faces to choose from as well.
  5. A notification on the watch face of the Huawei Watch GT knows how only a portion of the notification message. When tapping into read to show all messages. They are letters only, no emojis or images.
  6. Heart rate measurement the author tried to pair it with an Apple Watch for reference, and both watches showed the same heart rate measurements. Huawei’s heart rate changes slightly more frequently than Apple Watch.
  7. Listening to music from the watch if the music is already loaded onto the watch, you can listen to it through the Music app on your watch. And can be directly connected to wireless headphones via Bluetooth you don’t have to go through your smartphone at all. The author tested with Redmi AirDots and worked normally.
  8. The point that is not impressive is that the Music app in the Huawei Watch GT 2 calls the mobile music app directly like Apple Watch. Apple Music can’t be called, Spotify. Users have to open the app to listen to music on their mobile phone by themselves first. Watch GT 2 will only act as a remote. I think Huawei should improve this part first.
  9. The next disadvantage is the watch also enforces only the functions it provides. It doesn’t support connecting to external apps, wrong with Apple Watch that supports other apps and works better together, such as Spotify that controls the mobile app at all, reads CNN news on the watch and sees images and news content. , Camera app that watch face is a screen with shutter makes setting up the camera easier having this kind of limitation makes it difficult for the Huawei Watch GT to adapt to each person’s unique lifestyle. Compared to competitors in the Android line like the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which can be downloaded via the Galaxy Store app, the Huawei Watch GT may look a little disadvantageous.
  10. Another weak point is to touch the screen although it responds well, but when you swipe to find notifications or functions that you want to use, the results are not slippery. There is a feeling of delay. Different from the Apple Watch or an Android smart watch together like the Galaxy Watch Active 2, it is considered that the Huawei Watch GT does not show any slippery results. Makes it still quite frustrating when in use


The Huawei Watch GT is another good watch for users who want a smart watch. It can be used for both exercising and going to social events. Especially people who exercise will take full advantage of this watch. The single watch price of R 1999.00 it is not very expensive. It is another interesting option for many people.


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