Buying a Ring in a Wide Range of Sizes

You have two options when buying your ring – either to get her finger measured or to use an accurate ring size chart. The former option is probably the most popular choice since it allows you to purchase a ring in a wide range of sizes – 12 to 16 in one piece. The latter is not as popular, but it does have a few advantages. Using an accurate ring size chart will make the selection process easier, and will save you time and money.

4-16 ring sizes

When buying a ring, it’s important to know your ring sizes. A conversion chart is available to download and print, which will help you figure out what size is right for you. You can also go to a jewelry store to get help determining the size of your ring. There are many types of rings and you’ll likely be able to find one that matches your finger size.

To determine your ring size, you’ll need to measure your finger with a measuring tool, such as a piece of string, a strip of paper, or dental floss. Place the measuring instrument around your finger, toe, or knuckle and measure the length. If you notice that you have a wide area, take a second measurement. If the difference is substantial, order a size down.

Once you know your ring size, it’s time to get a ring. Ring sizing in Europe is typically performed using one of three sizing systems. The first two systems use circumference measurements to calculate the ring size; the third system uses the inside diameter of the ring.

Getting her finger measured before buying a ring

One way to ensure you buy the right size is by having her finger measured by a jeweler. A measuring tape can be obtained for under $5. It measures the thickest part of the finger. However, you should be aware that this method may not be completely accurate. You can also try using dental floss, a ruler, or a carpenter’s tape measure.

If you’re getting her finger measured, do it on a day when her body temperature is relatively normal. Avoid strenuous activity or eating salty foods the day before the measurement. It also helps to be careful about the temperature, as fingers expand and shrink during warm weather and while they’re still relatively warm.

When buying a ring for her, don’t forget to measure her finger. The average size of a woman’s finger is a size 6 and you’ll want to make sure that it fits properly. It’s best to get her finger measured by a jeweler, but if you’re unsure, you can simply take her hand and try on the rings on her.

Accurate ring size chart

When buying a ring, an accurate ring size guide is essential. You should choose a size that fits comfortably on the finger that you intend to wear it on. If you’re unsure of your finger size, you can use a pencil and paper to measure the inside circumference of the ring. Once you have the inside circumference, you can use a ruler to find the inside diameter. You should also take into consideration the knuckle area.

Using a ring size chart is an easy way to find the right ring size. Whether you’re looking for a ring that fits perfectly on your finger or a size that’s slightly too big or too small, a chart can be a big help. Most of these charts will also include a measurement range. It’s important to note, however, that you must make sure the ring’s inner circumference is flush with the outer edge of the chart.

Different countries have different sizing scales for jewellery. While the US uses a numerical scale, the UK uses alphabetical letters. The Italian sizing scale specifies the circumference of the ring minus 40mm. The French ring sizing system, on the other hand, uses the inner circumference of the finger.

Available in 4-16 ring sizes

Whether you’re a ring snob or have never purchased one before, you can be sure to find a size you like. Just use our Size Chart to see how to select your perfect ring size. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information and to order a ring that is exactly the right size for your finger.


Ring sizes are specified in a numerical scale with 1/4-inch steps. Each whole size is 0.81mm smaller than the next. Generally, rings are available in sizes ranging from four to sixteen. There are also various standards for ring size in Europe. However, in the United States, the ring size system is based on the common commercial article. Although uniformity is not always guaranteed, the system is relatively consistent and hasn’t changed much since the 1950s.

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