Campion Beats Australian Universities in Graduate Satisfaction

According to the most recent satisfaction poll conducted by the Australian Federal Government, Campion College is the most desirable institution worldwide. The review, called the Graduate Outcomes Survey, involves graduated students from Australian higher learning institutions for months after completion of studies.

The results show that a whopping 96.2% of Campion graduates were contented with their experiences at the college. Contrarily, the average national score was 80.4%, meaning Campion received a higher backing than most of the country’s prestigious learning centres.

Regarding teaching practices, Campion got a 96.2% rating. It also recorded exemplary results for its recently introduced liberal arts degree, which entails literature, philosophy, and theology through a chronological analysis of Western Civilisation.

As a liberal arts institute, Campion intends to mould young Australians into future leaders by ingraining valuable life skills. As depicted in the survey above, almost 40% of the graduates transitioned into postgraduate studies, significantly higher than the countrywide average of 18.9%.

What’s behind the Numbers?

The Graduate Outcomes Survey assesses participants’ satisfaction using the Course Experience Questionnaire, aiming to see if they were happy or disappointed with various aspects of their course that influence student learning. Most questions focus on teaching, general skills, and overall satisfaction.

Despite the recent increase in unemployment, undergraduates continue to express satisfaction with the courses offered in various institutions. This explains the high 80.4% national average and Campion’s remarkable 96.2% score.

Graduates also showed increased appreciation for skills acquired, surging from 82.4% to 83%. Satisfaction with teaching quality also rose from 63% to 66%.

About the Graduate Outcomes Survey

As mentioned earlier, this study involves fresh graduates and asks them about their experiences four to six months after completing their studies. It gives detailed information on the labour market outcomes and suggests lucrative areas of study for the graduates to explore. Employ data collected covers remuneration for different occupations and skill requirements. Since its establishment in 2016, the government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) has conducted the survey annually.

The survey scope includes all tertiary learning institution levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate research. Surveyors collect information from domestic and onshore international students, although the published results only share what the local students provide.

History of the Campion College

The Campion College is a Catholic liberal arts college locate in Sydney that offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in various disciplines. Its first intake was in February 2006, with its initial graduation in December 2008. The first postgraduate program was introduced in 2020.

Campion College aims to blend classical liberation educational ethos with the values of the Roman Catholic church. As such, it provides an alternative to the country’s secular universities. Besides the undergraduate degree in liberal arts, the college offers a Diploma in the Foundations of Western Tradition and a postgraduate course called the Graduate Certificate in Religious Education.

The campus sits on a 10-acre land owned by the Marist Fathers Seminary. It has student accommodation hostels, a chapel, a library, and lecture halls.

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