Can surface materials add a touch of sophistication to any room?

What do you think of when you hear the term “surface material”? Does it conjure up images of dull, colourless walls covered in plaster or concrete? Or does it conjure up thoughts of high-end homes with hardwood flooring and lavish windows made from expensive stone? Surfaces are indeed important parts of home design and deserve some attention even when they don’t contribute to the decor of the room.

What are surface materials?

Surfaces materials or decorative wall panels can be used for different purposes. These are not just a mere term that refers to a painting or writing surface. In fact, this word actually describes a broad array of materials, including metals and stones, as well as timber, ceramics, mosaics and wallpaper.  These surfaces can help define different areas of a room. They can define borders, create visual flow, or provide privacy. Using decorative materials on the right surfaces can do wonders for a room’s functionality. Can surface materials add a touch of elegance to any room?

What is the purpose of having surface materials?

First of all, it is important to point out that the purpose of these decorative wall panels is not simply to adorn your home’s interior. Rather, it is also used to conceal unsightly items, like extra cabinets, under rugs, as well as hiding wires from view. A decorative wall panel is also an ideal place to display photos and artwork that you may want to showcase without having to mess up your interior with unnecessary ornaments.

The only problem with most homeowners who go out and purchase decorative wall panels for their homes is that they do not understand what they actually are. For example, some mistakenly believe that these items are meant to look like real paintings or walls. However, they are usually in a different colour, with usually a thicker texture, or have a special frame around the image. Sometimes, the frame may even be made out of metal or plastic!

What are the types of surface materials that contribute to the look of a room? 

Expensive travertine tiles on the patio can make the look of the patio more upscale. But do you have the right tiles? You don’t have to pick travertine just because it is the “it” tile of the moment. Selecting decorative panels and plaques with materials like glass beads and metal is a good choice that adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any room. 

Ceramic materials are an easy choice. They are elegant, and they are affordable. The downside of choosing ceramic is that some colours show fingerprints more easily. This material is stain resistant, but it can show signs of dirt and soap scum easier. If you have pets or children, these can be difficult to clean, and you may need to replace them more often.

Metals look great as decorative materials. The only issue is that they can become scratched if a little pressure is applied when cleaning. However, this is not a major problem.

Glass beads and metal items can make a room look sophisticated and expensive. They can also look fragile if not stored properly. But if the right containers are used, this material can make a room look bright and beautiful.

Expensive travertine tiles and ceramic tiles can add a touch of elegance to your home. But before choosing these materials, you must take them into consideration and consider their installation in the right place.

Where can you place these wall panels?

What you need to do is ensure that they are placed appropriately to make a statement about what is going on in the room or area that they are placed in. While you may think that a thick panel would go well in a dark corner, you might want to consider placing one in a light corner where the light can shine through it. What decorative wall panels are not is a wall covering that you use to cover up something bad. Rather, decorative wall panels are pieces of art that you place in a room or area to beautify it. They should not be used as wall hangings but rather as beautiful decorations.

There is no end to the places where you can put these decorative wall panels. Many homeowners like to place them in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms as well. However, before you do anything with them, check and make sure that you are purchasing ones that are durable from This means that you need to be wary about purchasing cheap ones that will fall apart after only a few months of use. You will want to invest in higher quality ones so that you do not have to replace them for several years.


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