Can this little device really improve your sitting posture and help relieve back pain ?-How does it work ?

With the development of technology, more intelligent office equipment has accelerated the efficiency of people’s daily work, like computers, cell phones, scanners, etc. The frequency of people using computers has increased in the office, more and more people have to sit for 8 hours or more in a day(such as work overtime programmers), the health problems caused by sitting long days in the office have become a hot topic. 

Risks of poor sitting posture

Most of the working people have the problem of poor sitting posture. Improper sitting posture may seem like a small thing, but if you don’t pay attention to conditioning, you may be plagued by diseases.

Change body shape

A long day’s poor posture will really change your body shape. Some people like to sit only halfway in a chair in order to keep their back straight. When the back is relying on the seat, it is likely that it is not straight, but sitting leaning, which has a great impact on the spine. For a long time, it is likely to lead to deformation of the left and right sides of the spine, because the force is not uniform. 


And some people because the eyes are nearsighted, so while sitting in the chair, make your body closer to the table, the upper body leaned forward, which is actually very harmful to our waist and it is also a very harmful sitting posture, it will lead to uneven force on the upper and lower spine. 

Cervical spondylosis

The root cause of cervical spondylosis is the degeneration of the cervical disc, the disc loosens and then compresses the nerve root, spinal cord, or vertebral artery and causes various symptoms. Long-term poor sitting posture or long stay in front of the computer, most likely to cause fatigue of the cervical collar muscle, causing neck and shoulder pain, collar muscle spasm, and even dizziness; over time, will inevitably appear premature degeneration of the cervical intervertebral discs in adulthood, resulting in cervical spondylosis.

For example, once the bones in the neck are deformed, they will be irreversible, and it can produce nerve paralysis or require an assistive brace to live, all of which can make your mobility more painful.

Inferiority complex (psychology)

If your spine is curved and also you will look short when you stand, shrugging your shoulders and hunching your back to look very unconfident. In fact, you also change the behavior psychologically, the less confident you are, the more you will shrug your shoulders and hunch your back, which is a vicious circle.

Different kinds of sitting posture correctors

Back brace will have a strong dependence on the formation of your lazy psychology, perennial use will cause bone deformation, muscle atrophy, and other risks. Even though wear it but also can hunchback, spinal column inward, and waist bending words also can produce hunchback, or lead to head forward. When wearing it too tight will compress the small round muscles, compress the blood vessels and nerves, resulting in finger arm paralysis.

Paste type of posture corrector is very sensitive and responsive, but sometimes inaccurate. The appearance is not good, especially in the summer, the instrument that is attached to the back or waist will look very awkward.

Although these types of posture correction devices can respond very quickly, they cannot be used consistently for a long period of time, nor can they do zero harm to help you truly change your bad sitting habits. Here is a recommended product that can really change your habits: CZUR Mirror

CZUR Mirror the True Smart AI Posture Corrector

The CZUR Mirror AI sitting posture corrector is trained with AI technology for modeling through big data for sitting analysis. And it can continuously self-learn based on users’ personal scenarios. Compared to ordinary infrared or ultrasonic linear detection, the deep integration of AI vision technology can significantly improve the comprehensiveness and accuracy of poor sitting habits.

Non-wearable Non-binding

Place the device in the left or right area 50-80 cm away in front of you, after connecting to the power supply, and waiting for the above reminder light to flash 10 times, it will enter the smart sitting posture mode by itself. In this mode, it will self-learning 5 minutes, and then it will be a poor sitting posture reminder. Any substantial poor sitting posture will use the voice to remind, of course, if you think it is too noisy, you can convert to silent mode through the switch at the bottom.

Less disturbance

To avoid distraction, CZUR Mirror will remind you only after you’ve been sitting with incorrect posture for a long time, instead of reminding you in real-time. For different types of postures or severely incorrect posture, the AI chip’s tolerance will be different

Visualization Report

Setup on CZUR App, you can tap and hold the Touch Button on the top of the device for 8 seconds to enter the Bluetooth binding mode and add “Mirror”, when the device is connected successfully, you can enter the “Device Home Page” to operate the device. You can reset your good sitting posture (the custom mode), adjust reminder frequency, and see your daily sitting posture report. This way you can be more aware of your sitting situation and thus know where you need to improve.

Protecting privacy

Based on the built-in AI computing chip, sitting posture is performed. No Wi-Fi connection, No recording of uploaded videos and pictures. Compared with cloud recognition, native recognition can better protect user privacy.


Now in the market, the back brace sitting posture correctors will always give the most timely feedback to customers, but there will be potential damage to your body, CZUR Mirror will better assist you, not force you.

Health is the biggest investment in your life, always make our psychological conscious attention to ourself, that will always remain healthy.

CZUR Mirror sitting posture corrector with high practicality and cost-effectiveness is definitely your best choice, by reminding to form your habits, tomorrow will become better than the day before, and psychologically overcome the bad sitting habits. Solve the problem once and for all, so that you can get rid of any sitting posture corrector.

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