Canasta rules-learn how to play canasta and surprise your friends!

Imagine that your friends have come to visit you, after you have laughed and worked out memories you want to continue the fun, so decide to delight with certain card games such as Whist, Rentz or Canasta. If Whist and Rentz have told you how to play in two articles dedicated to them, how to play canasta we will explain in the following. What’s more, we provide you with the entire set of Canasta rules that exist to make sure that you do not miss absolutely nothing. This article contains everything you are interested in about the topic of

The canasta game can be played with both 2 pairs of cards and remi pieces. And, moreover, it can be played either in four players, the opposite people sitting at the table being in one team, or in two players. If we were to give our opinion about how Canasta is played in two players, we say with our heart that it reduces the charm of the game based on team spirit and increases, however, the value of luck available in the game.

As we said earlier, to start the game, you need 2 pairs of cards, with no less than 4 Jokers in total. You will see later that Jokers and 2-Arias are valuable cards, with them they can replace other cards. So, once we have both decks of cards according to the Canasta ruleset, the dealer deals 14 cards to each player on the table, and the one to his right receives one more, that is, 15 cards and discards the first. If you remember, it goes on the same principle as remi. That’s why I said that the game is very similar to the game of remi. After dealing each player’s cards, the remaining cards will be placed in the Middle, not before turning the first one over and placing it next to it. At the same time, under this will be the surprise made up, of course, of as many cards as the number on the card turned the first time indicates.

How to play canasta from here on out is super easy. As expected, as in the case of the game of Remi, the first player, that is, the one who has 15 cards, will not draw any more cards, but will put one directly down on the table. Considering from the very beginning that you play in teams given that you are 4 players, it is interesting that the game of Canasta, speaking of how Canasta is played, combines two principles of scoring, similar to remi, but still different. First, the score can be achieved by accumulating points by showing off all the cards in the hand and, secondly, by combining certain formations, at least three of the same rank or sequence in the same suit. That is, by gluing the same as in the case of the displayed remi in terms of only the formations. Important to note is that, in Indian, you have to get rid of all the cards in your hand until the end of the game.

Different, however, from remi is the fact that the goal of the game is to achieve a total number of points, a ceiling that can be set by mutual agreement and that can vary from 5,000 to 15,000 points. Depending on how much you want to play, obviously. Thus, on the game table there will be two columns, one for each team.

It is obvious that the main interest of the game is to complete as many baskets as possible, so to score points, players must display them on the game table, they will be collected in a stack and kept face up in front of one of the partners of the owning team. After this, each team can put on their own canisters any natural card, such as jokers and doilies. Obviously, if it does not exceed the limit of three.


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