Cannabis Vapes and Disposable Weed Pens

You may hear about the words vapes, vapes pens, vaporizers, vaprions, weed pens, etc. Don’t get confused.  They all are the names of the same thing. The main objective of cannabis vape is to assist you in enjoying the inhalation of vapor of Cannabis.

Suppose you are still using the old boring and traditional smoking products like pipes and bongs. It’s time to leave them. Why use them when you have “Cannabis Vape Cartridge.” It allows you to enjoy the relaxing effect of Cannabis without any smoke. It only produces vapors that stay around you for 40-120 minutes. It has many pros like easy to use, portable, better than traditional smoking techniques. These cannabis vapes run on batteries that may be reusable or disposable. These cannabis vapes come in different styles and shapes. One of them is weed pens. So, let’s discuss these pens and specifically disposable weed pens in detail.

Weed pens

Do you think these weed pens might be used for writing?

No no! Not at all.

These only have the shape and design of a pen. These weed pens are used to inhale Cannabis. It is a vaporizer kind essentially utilized for evaporating cannabis fuels and distillates. Their other names are hash oil pens or vape pens.

Components of Weed Pens?

The main parts of the weed pens consist of:

  1.       Automizer
  2.       Battery
  3.       Power button
  4.       Tank or Chamber
  5.       Mouthpiece

Disposable Weed Pens

As the name depicts, they are disposable. i.e., there is no requirement of recharging, refilling, or replacing of battery is needed. You can enjoy the ultimate extract present and need to worry about the low or dead battery. After enjoying it wholly, you may throw this into a dustbin. Due to this disposable feature, they are getting popular. You may find them at dispensaries having the price of about $15-20.

A hushed thing about these pens is that they don’t contain any On/Off buttons. It would help if you inhaled it, and a red light will indicate a total dose. So don’t be a feeble-minded soul and be well aware of it before practicing it.

‍Points to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Disposable Vape Pens

  •       Check the pen before you depart the shop
  •       Inquire how multiple strikes a fresh pen receives
  •       Perform your exploration
  •       Select a category that has your valued concern

Best Disposable Weed Pens

In the market, a lot of such weeds are available. Some of the best brands making disposable weed pens include:

  1.       Humboldt weed pen
  2.       Kushy Vape weed pen
  3.     Cilicon vape weed pen
  4.       Wildflower weed pen
  5.       Lola Lola weed pen
  6.       Evoke Labs weed pen
  7.       RĒL weed pen
  8.       Eureka weed pen
  9.       Ionic weed pen
  10.   Quill weed pen
  11.   Renegade weed pen
  12.   Rhythm weed pen
  13.   Stix weed pen
  14.   Karing Kind weed pen
  15.   Ghost weed pen

Last Words

Disposable weed pens are convenient, compact, and are a gift for cannabis vape lovers. You will love these!


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