Casino Aggregators Vs Casino Operators – Ever Wanted to Know the Difference?

Understanding the difference between iGaming operators and aggregators is vital in understanding how an online casino and/or mobile casino operates efficiently. Casino operators are individuals or enterprises that hold ownership or leasehold interest in a casino facility. On the other hand, Casino aggregators are services that provide business-to-business solutions and network to casino operators.

Casino game aggregator platforms, also known as “casino games hub”, provides access to different services involved in the overall operations of the casino. Aggregators connect casino operators, game developers, suppliers, and services that offer payment systems and other technical services. Using one Application Programming Interface (API), aggregators can offer the latest and most popular casino games on one platform.

How do casino aggregators operate?

The main focus of the services provided by casino aggregators is customer service that provides convenience not only to the casino operators but to all of its business partners and stakeholders. The aggregators ensure customer satisfaction by providing support centers with knowledgeable agents in all areas of the game content provided. The service also maintains a system that assists casinos in the technical facets of the operations, such as deposit and withdrawal and opening new accounts.

For example, a casino like Slothitz will use an aggregator platform to offer its clientele a platform to access online casino games via mobile. Slothitz does not have to connect to any of the software providers that develop the game because the aggregator already has deals in place. That means the aggregator can offer casinos like Slothitz video Slots (สล็อต) and table games from a variety of software providers like Playtech, Yggdrasil, and Pragmatic Play without the Slothitz team having to negotiate a deal with software provider – this is because the entire operation is run through the aggregator. If you visit the site you

Another point here to make is that Slothitz does not need design iOS or Android app downloads because the aggregator the Thai mobile casino connects to already has these designed and available. In fact, in Thailand, mobile casinos have multiple downloads for a number of different casino brands which then connect to the software providers to deliver casino games to their customers.

Advantages of using casino aggregators

Partnering with casino aggregators gives the operators an edge against competitors. In online casinos, the influx of players usually depends on the popularity and reputation of the available games. Player experience and retention will also be significantly affected by the online casino’s amount and variety of games. Using a casino aggregator that has access to top game developers in the market will prove advantageous. Through an extensive range of resources and experience, the aggregators can offer choices of service packages that match the casino operator’s budget.

A wide array of payment solutions with different currencies and payment methods is also one of the benefits of aggregator platforms. A convenient payment system and a platform that can provide occasional promotional services are essential for any operator. These affect the overall user experience.

Operators will also save time and resources as aggregators use reputable payment solutions and negotiate with individual payment providers. Aggregators also serve as the middleman and handle technical issues so operators will not have to deal with developers and suppliers one by one. Casino aggregators also address issues related to game and software developers, payment providers, and customer service.

How Easy is it to Become a Casino Operator with Aggregator Platforms in Place?

With aggregators in place, a casino operator only needs to make a deal with the company offering access to its casino platform or platforms. That means all the casino operator needs to do is sign up for the service and receive an online casino that can be white labelled or receive access to multiple online casino platforms that are running through other aggregators. It makes signing up incredibly easy and relatively risk free. Any losses are stomached by the software provider, while player losses, which are casino profits, are shared with the operator.

It is a win-win situation for both sides because the operator does all the marketing and client facing activities to bring customers in and keep them playing, and the aggregator and software providers get players betting real money on their games which equates to profits!


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