Causes and symptoms of male pattern baldness

Baldness is a reasonably common problem in men. And the hair doesn’t just fall into the elderly. Often the first signs of baldness are already present in childhood. Men are less sensitive to their appearance than the fair sex, but baldness can lead to severe stress and loss of self-esteem. Most men respond very emotionally to the first signs of baldness. But very few people know that this process can be stalled and even reversed.

Male Pattern Baldness: Problems or Reality?

Baldness is so common among men that many find it unavoidable. Between the ages of 40-50, about 40% of men experience this disorder at least somewhat. In general, 66% of men are already familiar with alopecia – the scientific name for baldness.

Alopecia itself does not pose a risk to life and health. However, men’s hair loss has an apparent effect on their state of mind. Researchers at Norfolk University (USA) surveyed 145 people of all ages diagnosed with alopecia and found that hair loss significantly changed their lives. 9% said losing hair made them feel older, 78% said it was bad for their self-esteem, 66% tried to change their hairstyle to hide the bald spot, 45% bought pads and wigs, and many had bald spots under hats and caps.

In a note:

According to medical research, male pattern baldness may be related to heart disease, so men prone to baldness should care for their health. A study published in the journal BMJ found that men with crown baldness have a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Then who do not lose their hair at all or those who have lost their hair from the scalp.

Yet, most men feel balding as a kind of male curse, against which no means is powerless. But it is not. In the arsenal of modern medicine and pharmacology, there is a way to prevent and slow down the process of baldness. And surgical procedures like hair replacement can help even those who have lost their hair long ago.

A poorly selected shampoo can irritate the scalp or deprive the hair of shine and volume (which, however, rarely happens, as cosmetic companies try to make the formula as safe and gentle as possible). Provoking any problem Causes and types of baldness: There is no reason for male pattern baldness and is balding normal. Combinations with different conditions and pathologies damage the hair.

Genetic predisposition:

If your parents, grandparents start losing hair at a very young age, you should be prepared for it. The baldness gene can be inherited (and to a greater extent) from both parents.


Stress responses advocate vasospasm, which eats hair follicles, along with hair deprived of blood floats, dies and fall out, and slows the boom of surviving hair. It is essential to keep in mind that in this case, the hair does now not start to fall out in annoying situations; however, it comes after several weeks or months, and it comes out huge or a lot less quietly from the complete head. This kind of baldness is known as diffuse alopecia.

Hormonal imbalance:

Hair follicles are touchy to male hormones. And nothing else located most absolutely inside the parietal and anterior areas. Excess dihydrotestosterone frequently absorbs hair follicles and causes hair loss. Excess baldness because of hormones is referred to as androgenetic alopecia.

There are three levels of alopecia areata:

  • The hair becomes weak and falls easy if pulled a little. Usually, the first hair loss is on the edge of future baldness.
  • The bald spots on the head are noticeable. But hairs do not come out anymore, but the focus of balding is not growing too much.
  • Regressive stage bald spots start with hair. Over time this fluff becomes denser and retains colour. 

Infectious ailments:

This realistic style is considered to be the absolute result of intoxication and hair fall—skin ailments. In unique seborrhea, lichen similar to pustular infections of the scalp. Injuries do no longer make the hair bigger to reduce scars from deep wounds and burns. This type of baldness is known as secretory alopecia.


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