CBD Drinks:  Everything You Should Know

Finding drinks without alcohol wasn’t always easy. Tequila is now a viable alternative on the market for attentive consumers looking for low- and no-alcohol choices. Big brands are getting in on this new wave of conscious drinking, while small batch breweries battle for shelf space in supermarkets. There are also an increasing number of alternatives, flavors, and availability popping up online and in pubs and clubs throughout the world.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this movement towards a healthy way of living has gained traction. Because we don’t just want choices—we want the healthiest choices—the alcohol-free industry has raised its game and introduced functional drinks. Herbal, plant-based elements included in functional drinks are excellent for both our physical and emotional wellness. All of these adaptogenic foods—hemp, mushrooms, fermented foods—benefit our mood, cognition, focus, concentration, and general mental wellness.

With the growing popularity of cannabis use, new consumption methods, such as cannabis pens and edibles, have emerged. Did you realize it? There are cannabis drinks on the market that provide you with a relaxing high for an amazing experience. Drinking canna drinks has several underlying advantages beyond just a pleasant taste. The CBD tincture improves the flavor and texture of beverages. According to Fortune Business’s observations, the year 2020 marked a breakthrough in the use of cannabis beverages.

What is CBD?

It is a component of the actual plant. Hemp is primarily composed of CBD, with trace levels of THC, compared to the cannabis plant, which has a higher concentration of THC and a lower quantity of CBD.

What distinguishes CBD and THC from one another?

The brain’s receptors are affected differently by CBD and THC. CBD rarely has any intoxicating effects. This indicates that CBD is functional and will help you feel calmer and more relaxed in a subtle way, but only to the same extent as other natural medicines. You just feel relaxed and content, not euphoric or out of control.

Only the Cannabis Sativa plant truly contains THC. The component, sometimes known as marijuana or cannabis, is what makes you feel high. THC is not allowed in the UK for non-medical use, and patients rarely take it for that reason because it can lead to addiction.

Is it okay to use CBD?

In the UK, CBD is a legal food supplement that may be purchased from health stores. It is categorized as a food supplement and can be used to treat pain, relax the mind, and lower inflammation in the body, just like Echinacea and clove oil. Since hemp is the most abundant and potent source of CBD, the majority of supplements and oils sold in health stores and over-the-counter at pharmacies are made from it and therefore include minute amounts of THC. Products purchased for therapeutic purposes must comply with new CBD legislation enacted by the UK government in 2019 that requires less than 0.2% THC and less than 1 mg of THC per product. These are incredibly low quantities of THC.

However, the UK government recommends against consuming CBD products on a regular basis without first consulting a physician. Like everything else, excessive consumption of new things might have negative health impacts on your body. It’s best to check with your doctor to be sure CBD is good for you and won’t conflict with any prescription medications because, in certain situations, heavy doses of CBD can harm your liver. As a precaution, anyone who is expecting or nursing should not take CBD.

How about CBD beverages?

The rules are crystal clear when it comes to CDB beverages: before they can be sold lawfully in Great Britain, CBD food products need authorization. Additionally, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) in the US forbid the sale of dietary supplements that include an ingredient from an “approved drug” without express FDA permission. This implies that if you see a CBD product on the shelf in the US or the UK, it has to be approved for sale in order to get there. In other nations, there will be different rules in place.

The UK Food Standards Agency provides a list so that the public may decide on how much CBD concentrate products they should ingest, despite the fact that they claim the goods on the list are not professionally evaluated for safety. However, the FSA’s published guidelines state that healthy persons should not consume more than 70 mg per day unless their doctor has prescribed more.

Drinks can contain anywhere from 2.5 mg and 250 mg of CBD, depending on the brand and container size. It’s good to be conscious of the 70 mg daily suggested intake when purchasing and consuming CBD drinks, much as being aware of your alcohol consumption or your intake of sugar and caffeine.

Various Forms of CBD Drinks

Know the different CBD beverage varieties to better understand your palate:

  • Alcohol CBD beverages

You can choose alcoholic CBD beverages to enhance the “getting high” experience further. These drinks have alcohol content with a CBD infusion. You can get your hands on CBD cocktail cocktails to explore.

  • CBD-Rich Non-Alcoholic Drinks

There are alcohol-free CBD cocktails available that you may enjoy for a pleasant and soothing taste if you want to cut back on alcohol use.

CBD-flavored beverages

Your body and mind will be wonderfully calmed by the delicious drinks that contain a dash of CBD. The flavored CBD beverages come in a variety of energizing flavors, such as peach and ginger, lemon and basil, and mint and elderflower.

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