CBD Oil for Dogs: 3 Important Things You Should Know

So, you have been thinking of introducing CBD oil to your four-legged friend’s daily routine? That’s a pretty big decision and it can actually be a great one. What’s stopping you, though, from taking action towards turning that decision into a reality? Perhaps I could take a wild guess here and say that you are still not familiar enough with this product which is precisely why you aren’t sure whether you should take that action. I’m pretty sure that I guessed that right!

In case I did, then I’ve got a piece of advice for you. Instead of just sitting around and pondering, trying to decide whether your canines should get the oil or not, but without doing any research, I believe it’s time for you to get your facts straight regarding CBD products for dogs and thus make this important decision. I am quite certain that you are ready to learn about Cannabidiol for dogs and that’s exactly what we are going to be doing today.

To put it simply, if you keep on reading, you will find out a lot of useful things about CBD oil for canines. What’s more, you’ll find out exactly those things that you need to know and that will help you finally get your facts straight and decide if you want your dogs to enjoy these products or not. So, without further ado, let me offer you a few CBD oil facts that you absolutely need to know. Let’s get started.

It’s Not Psychedelic

Let us start with addressing one of the biggest concerns that you probably have when these products are in question. Well, at least I suppose that this is one of your biggest concerns, since most people worry about it before actually getting properly acquainted with the whole idea of CBD oil made for animal consumption. In simple words, people are worried that these products will get their pets stoned, which is surely not a pleasant thought, especially since we all know how dangerous that can actually be for animals.

Well, it’s time to put a stop to those concerns once and for all. The simple fact is that CBD oil cannot produce any mind-altering effects on your pet, since Cannabidiol is not psychedelic and cannot get anyone stoned. If you are worried about traces of THC being found in the product, here’s what you need to know. CBD oil for animals is made from hemp, which contains extremely low amounts of THC in itself, meaning that it’s impossible for a harmful amount of THC to end up in these products made for your dogs.

Here are some more facts that might come in handy:


It’s For All Dogs

When you first come across this product and start reading about it, your thought process might go something like this. “CBD oil can be really useful, but I don’t think that it is actually suitable for my little barking pet”. You can start thinking that for several different reasons. First things first, you might have a small breed and you might think that this product is actually strong for them. In addition to that, your dog might be, and hopefully is, perfectly healthy, which probably made you think that it has no use of Cannabidiol at all.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but both of those assumptions are actually quite wrong. First things first, the weight of your dog does play a role in its consumption of CBD oil, but not the way you might have thought. Simply said, smaller canines need smaller dosages, but they are perfectly capable of taking this product and it is undoubtedly not too strong for them. The only thing is, you’ll need to make sure that you are giving it the right dosage.

Secondly, the statement that healthy dogs shouldn’t consume Cannabidiol couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to understand that CBD oil is primarily a supplement and that healthy animals use it all the time. Owners have recognized the benefits that come with giving this product to their healthy pets, including metabolism boosts and general health improvement. The bottom line is that CBD oil is made for all dogs, big and small, healthy and ill, and their breed certainly doesn’t play a role here. Pet Store is one of the most popular shopping for pet supplies.

Not Every Product Is Created Equal

While CBD oil is definitely made for all dogs, there’s something that you need to know. Not all CBD oils are great for your dogs. Am I confusing you? Well, let me make things clearer, because I certainly don’t want to get you confused now that you have finally started learning a few important things, such as those you can see here, about this particular product for animals. After all, the goal is to make things clear and simple, instead of confusing

Basically, you need to know that not every single CBD product is made equal. This simply means that you will need to be careful when choosing the manufacturer that you want to shop from, because not all of them will be selling the quality that your canine deserves. So, when shopping for these products, you should keep in mind that buying from ill-reputed and shady places is never a wise idea. Instead, you will have to check the reputation of every manufacturer you have in mind and thus determine the quality of their CBD oils before making any purchases.


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