Chemical Vs organic dishing washing liquid: An expert take

Cleaning utensils can be an effort-taking job, especially when you are unable to get rid of the stains caused by food. Also, it is a top priority to clean utensils to maintain good hygiene at home. Although it is a tiresome task it cannot be escaped. To clean the dishes, you might tend to use chemical-based dishwashing liquids! But have you ever thought about the harsh chemicals that it contains that eventually reach you through your utensils? We may find ourselves wondering whether to go for these easy-to-use chemical dishwashing liquids or organic dishwashing liquids. Hopefully, you will find the answer after reading the following points.

1. Use of antibacterial chemical vs chemical-free nature

  • Normal dishwashing liquids have chemicals in them that are used to kill bacteria, these chemicals when accumulated in the human body cause serious health issues in the long term. You might ignore the harmful chemicals currently but eventually, over time the repercussions of these can be observed easily.
  • On the other hand, herbal dishwashing liquid is extensively made with natural ingredients, organic liquid too kills the bacteria but naturally through the properties of the earthly ingredients added in it. So, why not get rid of bacteria through pure ways without putting our health at stake?

2. Addition of foaming agents in chemical liquids vs organically created liquid

  • Chemical-based dishwashing liquids are made with additional foaming agents so that the grease on the utensils can be removed easily making the surface clean. However, agents used for foaming can easily get in contact with your body and cause terrible skin conditions.
  • Having an opposite nature, herbal dish washliquid is made using plant-based ingredients that safely remove the grease from the surface of the dishes without causing any irritation to your skin.

3. Chemical-based fragrance vs natural fragrance 

  • When we use chemical-based products, the harsh chemicals used to create them make them smell pungent, and to hide that odor often artificial fragrance is added to them. Imagine if some quantity of these chemicals is left behind after cleaning, you might intake them and damage your body over time.
  • Talking about herbal dishwashing liquid, to add a good fragrance to these ingredients like natural oils and organic fragrances are used. Hence, the use of herbal dishwashing liquid is the more safe and preferable option.

4. Damage to the environment vs eco-friendly nature

  • The production of chemical-based dishwashing liquids involves activities that are hazardous to nature. The harmful chemicals released in the air and water during their production cause pollution on a terrible scale. These toxins can further be inhaled by you, causing respiratory issues. Producing products at the cost of our environment is not a desirable act that we should promote.
  • Fortunately, organic dishwashing liquid is 100% eco-friendly as it’s made using only ingredients derived from mother nature. Herbal liquids are safe for the environment and chemicals are released in their production. The waste produced in their making is biodegradable and therefore safe for the environment.

5. Testing on animals

  • Chemical-based dishwashing liquids might be tested on animals as they have harsh chemicals in them that might harm humans directly, for that reason, these types of liquids are first tested on animals and then launched in the market. Isn’t it wrong to put animals in danger for the sake of cleaning our utensils? Your conscience very well knows the answer to that question.
  • On another tangent, herbal dishwashing liquids do not cause any harm to your four-legged friends as no chemical is used to create them, therefore, their testing can be conducted easily without putting the animals at stake. It is much more preferable to go for products that are good for you and the animals too.

6. Comparing the price factor

  • As chemical products require expensive chemicals for their production it raises the total cost of the chemical dishwashing liquids. For having minimum long-term advantages, it is not fair that you should pay an expensive amount for their purchase.
  • As the demand for organic products is increasing the price for herbal dishwashing liquid is affordable, and added to that the quantity required for the per-time use is less, making them last for a longer time. Apart from that, it is fair to pay a reasonable amount for advantageous products.

7. Comparing based on the preservation of water

  • When we use chemical-based dishwashing liquid, the foam produced is so much that an extra amount of water goes into rinsing off the foam completely so that no amount of it is left back on the utensils. This process drains a lot of water and in some places might cause maintenance problems. And then what do we leave for our future generations?
  • Organic dishwashing liquids do not produce an immense quantity of foam that makes the utensils easy to rinse, hence, less quantity of water is required to clean the dishes. By using organic products, you contribute to the greater good.

Having a look at the points listed above might have created a clear picture in your head of what type of dishwashing liquid is preferable and good for you, your family, and the environment. Eventually, collective good comes from using organic products.

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