Choose The Perfect Mattress For A Sound Sleep

Choose The Perfect Mattress For A Sound Sleep

The best form of relaxation for any person who has had a long and tiring day is the most ordinary, most obvious, but the most significant activity of the day- sleeping. Good sleep is important for our bodies to replenish them with energy and maintain their natural circadian rhythm. While some of us can sleep anywhere and at any time of the day, most aren’t equipped to do so. Many parameters decide sleep quality, such as sleep schedule, medications, caffeine, alcohol intake, sleeping disorders, and the sleeping environment. Buying iSense Sleep mattress is very helpful when considering to buy some comfortable mattress. The sleeping environment can constitute various factors like light, temperature, noise, hygiene, and mattress types.

What Are The Various Types Of Mattresses Available?

The type of mattress plays a pivotal role in ensuring sound sleep. There are various types of mattress sizes catering to individuals with different needs. Broadly they can be classified into three types- innerspring, foam, and hybrid; read on to know more:

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the most commonly used and traditional form of mattress. They are formed by coils surrounded by soft, comfortable materials such as latex, foam, or natural fiber. They vary in size, shape, and effect by deploying different coils and materials. The major advantages of spring mattresses are, they are affordable. There are wide ranges available and are the most preferred choice of mattress for backache. Unlike foam mattresses, spring mattresses offer good support to heavier individuals. The cons associated with these mattresses are that they can wear out quickly compared to foam mattresses and are noisier and irritable if they are of low quality. You can check out this type of mattress online to view your available options and compare pricing.

Foam Mattresses

These types of mattresses came into popularity after the invention of memory foam. They have foams of varying densities in layers to produce a mattress with softness and support. This is undoubtedly the best mattress for side sleepers as they tend to sleep on one side, which can cause their spine to strain. Memory foam has a distinctive characteristic of cushioning the pressure joints and aligning the spine, which helps to prevent back pain if you are a side sleeper. In addition, they are durable, less noisy, and ideal for restless sleepers as they absorb motion. However, they can be a bit heavier on the pocket than traditional spring mattresses. Another disadvantage is that it can trap body heat and be uncomfortable for certain sleepers. OrthoMattress is Your Southern California Mattress Store

Hybrid Mattresses

As the name suggests, these mattresses use spring and memory foam combinations to form a hybrid composition. Sleepers who are not comfortable with both spring and memory foam mattresses can choose a mattress with a combination of both characteristics. An orthopaedic mattress is a classic example of a hybrid mattress that uses various fillings in its layers, such as standard springs, memory foam, reflex foam, latex, natural fiber, and gel foam. These medicated mattresses provide optimum back support, pressure relief for joints and facilitate spine alignment. The nature and composition of these mattresses can be varied to suit the weight and overall needs of the sleeper.  Hybrid mattresses are also quieter than spring mattresses. Unlike memory foam mattresses, they regulate body temperature and offer pressure point relief and back support simultaneously without compromising on either. Therefore, a hybrid mattress is ideal for couples as they offer both options. However, besides its comparatively higher cost than other alternatives, it is inefficient in absorbing motion as foam mattresses do.

Other Types

Besides these mattresses, other types are preferred for their higher mobility and portability, such as air mattresses. These are padding and materials like memory foam or latex that cover an easily inflatable air chamber. Some also offer the sleeper the choice to adjust the firmness with remote control, offering users a customized experience. Although this mattress is not made up of expensive materials, it uses unique technology, which usually ups the cost of these mattresses.

For compartmentalized living areas with limited space, many sleepers these days are also opting for futon mattresses. These are made from various materials like cotton, springs, polyester, and foam to provide sleepers with a firm but a foldable mattress that can offer a dual use as a sofa.

Other important considerations when buying a mattress are:

If you require a mattress to have the ability to be rolled up due to space constraints or portability, then make sure you are buying the “Bed-in-a-Box mattress,” which is made of memory foam and are designed to be rolled up and compressed up to 25% of the original size without affecting its quality.

If smart living is your way of life, you can also go for smart beds if you want to spend that money. These hi-tech mattresses offer sleepers to adjust the firmness and elevation and monitor essential biometrics like temperature, heart rate, and breathing.


There are a lot of mattresses online, if you still have doubts about your mattress preferences, check out for reviews by users. Do not be hesitant to spend a little extra on the mattress you sleep on, as it will indeed affect your quality of sleep and, ultimately, your mental and physical health. Maybe this minimal investment today can secure your health in the future.






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