Choose Timeless Look for any Diamond Shape with Solitaire Ring Settings

The “diamond solitaire” is mainly associated with the solitaire setting — a sort of ring that contains a single diamond. Beyond ring designs, diamond solitaires can also be earrings, a necklace, or any other piece of jewelry item with just one diamond. Solitaire diamond ring settings offer a classic, timeless look for any shape of the diamond. 

Diamonds are famous for their beauty and purity. Diamond jewelry is so special and unique in style that women love to wear beautiful diamonds on special occasions; like business events, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, etc. Though there are othe valuable stones available in the market, the diamonds are completely irreplaceable.  

The Solitaire engagement ring style is evergreen

If you imagine an engagement ring design for your big day, how would it be? 

Most likely a classic ring design with a single diamond stone. That’s a unique solitaire ring design. Solitaire ring designs are always in trend. Solitaire rings suit any finger shape. Show your true love and strong bond with the superior Solitaire engagement rings.

A superb choice for those who prefer simple ring designs. These days people are shifting towards a simple ring setting that you would offer extreme comfort. You can go with an amazing jewelry design with a single diamond stone.

Choose Timeless Look for any Diamond Shape with Solitaire Ring Settings

Highly versatile

Solitaire setting is superb and highly versatile. Solitaire setting looks superb with most band styles. Since the ring designs didn’t set particular style, you can pick any band style for your big day. Due to their unique design, solitaire ring settings keep wear and tear to a minimum.

A solitaire ring setting is an amazing choice for those with a classic style. The smooth ring design and classic beauty goes with every attire. You can pick your ring design from very thin bands to thicker ones.

In the solitaire ring style, diamond stones look amazing and always grab attention because they are the only beautiful stone present in this setting. In a prong style solitaire ring design, you will see more diamond stones as there is less metalwork in this particular style, thus offering a shiny and sparkling look.

Solitaire goes with every diamond shapes

You can choose any diamond shape of your choice with solitaire ring settings because of their exceptional design. No matter which diamond shape you pick for your engagement ring, the solitaire setting will ensure the safety of your center diamond stone.

Choose Timeless Look for any Diamond Shape with Solitaire Ring Settings 2

Solitaire rings are available in countless designs. The most popular designs include the split shank solitaire setting, the cathedral solitaire setting, knife-edge solitaire settings, 4 and 6 prong style solitaire settings.

In addition to picking a setting style that matches the style of your someone special, you want to ensure it perfectly fits their active lifestyle and is relatively easy to maintain.

Final thoughts

The solitaire setting is beautiful, classic engagement ring design that’s been around for decades. As well as engagements, solitaire design rings are given to celebrate other special occasions such as a silver or golden anniversary, a milestone birthday or a big achievement.


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