Looking for Advice on Selecting EFTPOS For Your Clinic

So, you’ve finally decided to upgrade your clinic’s payment system to EFTPOS. Congrats! You’re on your way to leaving the dark ages of cash and cheques behind.

But wait, before you go swiping that credit card with so much confidence, here are some tips to make sure you select the right EFTPOS terminal for your clinic:

  1. Know Your Needs: Are you a small clinic with few transactions a day or are you the most popular one in town? Make sure to consider how many users and cards will be processed daily, so you don’t end up getting an EFTPOS machine that can only handle 50 transactions when you’re averaging over 200. It’s like trying to squeeze an elephant into a Mini Cooper.
  2. Check Compatibility: Not all EFTPOS machines are created equal. Some may only work with specific software or card types. Make sure to check compatibility before making any decisions. You don’t want your new machine to be the odd one out in the clinic group chat.
  3. Hidden Fees: Don’t fall for the shiny, low-priced EFTPOS terminal only to find out later that you need to pay extra fees for software updates or maintenance. Ask upfront about any additional costs so you don’t get caught off guard.
  4. Get Your Hands Dirty: Ok, maybe not literally dirty, but do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. Don’t just rely on the salesperson’s recommendation, try to get feedback from actual users. They’ll give you the real dirt on how the machine performs.
  5. Make it Pretty: No one likes an eyesore, especially in a clean and modern clinic. Choose an EFTPOS terminal that not only functions well but also looks sleek and professional. Your patients will appreciate it, and they’ll feel like a boss every time they swipe or tap that card.
  6. Don’t Rush: We know you’re excited to enter the modern world of electronic payments, but don’t make any rushed decisions. Take your time to research and compare different options before making a final decision. You don’t want to end up with buyer’s remorse because you didn’t take the time to shop around.

The Rise of EFTPOS Machines

If you’ve kept this trend at this arm’s length, it’s time to embrace the power of EFTPOS machines. They’re not just for big retailers anymore. With contactless payment options and more advanced security features, they’ve become a staple in small businesses and clinics alike. Here are just some of the features your clinic will enjoy with a new EFTPOS machine:

  • Faster Transactions: No more fumbling for change or waiting for cheques to be verified. With EFTPOS, transactions are quick and easy, making your patients’ checkout experience a breeze.
  • Increased Security: Say goodbye to worries about counterfeit bills or stolen credit cards. With the latest security measures such as chip technology and PIN verification, EFTPOS machines provide a higher level of security for both you and your patients.
  • Better Record Keeping: No more sifting through piles of receipts or manually recording transactions. A digital record of all transactions is stored in the EFTPOS machine, making bookkeeping and tax time a lot easier.

Are Zeller EFTPOS machines the best? Many will say so because it offers all of the above as well as no cords, split payments, branding, touchscreen display, automated surcharging, and integration with hundreds of POS systems!