Coi Leray Braids: Styles and How-to Guide

Braided hairstyles have been trending for quite some time now.  And Coi Leray braids are no exception. If you are looking for a braided hairstyle that pops, this might be just what you have been searching for!

In this article, we will discuss how this trendy style came about and how to achieve it. As well, we will talk about different ways to style Coi Leray braids to express your style and stand out from the crowd.

What are Coi Leray Braids?

What exactly are Coi Leray braids and why are they so popular?  For those who don’t recognize the name, Coi Leray is an American songwriter and rap artist. In 2021, she sported a stunning braided hairstyle that took the fashion world by storm.

Essentially, Coil Leray braids are a braided hairstyle for natural hair.  It is classified as a protective hairstyle in that it helps protect natural hair from becoming damaged. Braided hairstyles are ideal for women with natural hair in that they help prevent your hair from becoming tangled, knotted, or frizzy. As well, it is fairly easy to maintain and does not need heat to style.

Protective hairstyles such as braids will help protect your hair from damage due to harsh weather conditions. In the summer, you can rest assured that your natural hair will not be damaged by the sun, humidity, or water. As well, during the winter, your hair will be safeguarded against damage from winds, snow, and freezing temperatures

Going back to Coi Leray braids, what makes this particular look so trendy? This style is known for its jumbo, knotless box braid with iconic curls at the ends. It has been named after Coi Leray for her signature style. 

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Pros of Coi Leray Braids

    • Protects your hair against damage from heat, humidity, cold weather, and wind.
    • Will not weigh your hair down like other braided hairstyles.
    • Simpler to orchestrate than most other braids.
    • Coi Leray braids are a great way to show off your gorgeous facial features.
    • This is a fun and youthful style that can make you look and feel years younger.
    • This look will make you feel sexy and boost your self-esteem.
    • Braided hairstyles help prevent breakage and frizz.
    • This look will last for quite some time and is perfect if you have an active lifestyle or don’t like to spend a long time styling your hair. 
    • This look is ideal for any occasion from a formal event to a relaxing girl’s night out.
    • Helps keep your hair from drying out.

Coi Leray Braid Tutorial

Now that we have sold you on this trendy braided hairstyle for natural hair, you can use this step-by-step guide to try it out!

Materials needed:

    • Hair perming rods
    • Around 3-6 packs of braiding hair of  your choice
    • Mousse for your hair texture
    • Edge control hair product
    • Rat tail comb
    • Elastic bands (make sure they match your hair color)
    • Hot water
    • Conditioning gel (stronghold)
  1. Step 1:  Before you begin, make sure to pre-stretch the braiding hair and moisturize it.
  2. Step 2: Divide the braiding hair into chunks using the comb.
  3. Step 3: Work a dime-sized portion of conditioning gel into the braiding hair. This will keep it pliable and smooth while braided.
  4. Step 4: Section out triangular portions of hair, depending on which style of box braids you wish to style.
  5. Step 5: Starting at the roots, start weaving your hair and the braiding hair into the chosen braid pattern.
  6. Step 6: Once you have reached the desired length, use an elastic band to fasten the braid. Leave some hair at the bottom for the signature Coi Leray braid curls.
  7. Step 7: Continue this process for the rest of your hair. Be sure to leave a few strands near your forehead for the finishing touch.
  8. Step 8:  Use the perming robes to wrap the ends of the box braids.
  9. Step 9: Completely immerse the rods into the bowl of hot water.
  10. Step 10: Remove the rods from the water and use a towel to pat them dry.
  11. Step 11: Apply hair mousse to the braids.
  12. Step 12: Remove the rods
  13. Step 13: Using the edge control, lay the edges.

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Fun Looks for Coi Leray Braids

    • Coi Leray Braids with Beads
    • Jumbo Coi Leray Braids
    • Micro Coi Leray Braids
    • Extra Long Coi Leray Braids
    • Colorful Coi Leray Braids
    • Short But Sassy Coi Leray Braids
    • Coi Leray Braids with Spiral Curls

If you need help styling Coi Leray braids, consult your stylist for the advice!

Source: Coi Leray Braids: How to, Tutorials & Inspired Styles

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